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People Of The In Victorian Era Knew How To Have Fun During A Photo Shoot (49 pics)

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A Victorian Couple Trying Not To Laugh While Getting Their Portraits Done, 1890s

A Unique Tea Setting For Two

Cakewalk Dance

A Snow Lady, 1892

Unusual Portrait Of A Victorian Lady, 1840

Three Fashionable Young Men At Yale, 1883

Awkward Family Photo, Victorian Edition

Tsar Nicholas II Goofing Around, 1899

Vintage Humor

Piggy Nose

Men And Women Cross Dress In This Silly Victorian Snap, 1880-1900

Say That Again, And I'll Dip You In, 1897

Unknown Victorian In Mid-jump

Vacation Sports At The Seaside

Richard Freiherr Von Krafft-Ebing

This Is As Close To A Cictorian Selfie As It's Going To Get

The Victorians From France

Courting In The 1800s Never Looked Better

Smiling Victorians

Tsar Nicholas II Goofing Around, 1899

Victorians Pulling Face, 1900

Smiling Little Girls

Smiling Victorians, 1900s

Victorians, 1800s

Tsar Nicholas II, 1899

Men Dressed In Drag In The Victorian Era

A Smiling Queen Victoria In An Open Coach, 1892

Fashion Victorians Women, 19th Century

Miss Barton Dressed In A Late Victorian Tennis Outfit

Smiling Victorian, 1800s

A Woman Riding A 'scorcher', A Victorian Bicycle, In St James' Park, London

Man Pulling A Funny Face

Smiling Victorian Servants

Kid Pulling A Funny Face

A Group Of Smiling Edwardians

Man Pulling A Comical Face, 1900

Gibson Girls

A Group Of Women To Celebrate The Centenary Of The London Bus

Evelyn Winchester

The 20th Century Victorian Man With Banishing Woman

The Smiling Victorians

Smiling 1850s Lady

Smiling Victorians, 1900s

A Family In Fancy Dress, 1880-1900

Victorians Pulling Face, 1900

A Young Couple A Photographed In Fancy Dress, 1880-1900

Smiling Victorian, 1800s

Slicker-Looking Guy

Young Ladies

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