New Pics Of The "Game Of Thrones" Cast Back Then And Now (42 pics)

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Jason Momoa As Jason (In 2003's Baywatch) And As Khal Drogo (In GoT)

Diana Rigg As Emma Peel (In 1961's The Avengers) And As Olenna Tyrrel (In GoT)

Young Kit Harington And As Jon Snow (In GoT)

Gwendoline Christie As Lexi (In 2012's Wizards Vs. Aliens) And As Brienne Of Tarth (In GoT)

Iain Glenn As Carl Galton (In 1988's The Fear) And As Ser Jorah Mormont (In GoT)

Charles Dance As David Carlton (In 2002's Ali G Indahouse) And As Tywin Lannister (In GoT)

Lena Headey As Young Mary (In 1992's Waterland) And As Cersei Lannister (In GoT)

Young Kristofer Hivju And As Tormund Giantsbane (In GoT)

Emilia Clarke When She Was A Child And As Daenerys Targaryen

Young Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson And As The Mountain (In GoT)

Carice Van Houten As Suzy (In 1999's Suzy Q) And As Melisandre (In GoT)

Peter Dinklage As Finbar Mcbride (In 2003's The Station Agent) And As Tyrion Lannister (In GoT)

Natalie Dormer As Victoria (In 2005's Casanova) And As Margaery Tyrell (In GoT)

Sean Bean As Horace Clark (In A 1984 Episode Of The Bill) And As Ned Stark (In GoT)

Aidan Gillen As Frank (In 2000's The Low Down) And As Petyr Baelish (In GoT)

Sophie Turner When She Was A Child And As Sansa Stark (In GoT)

Maisie Williams When She Was A Child And As Arya Stark (In GoT)

Tom Wlaschiha (In 2008's Spoons) And As Jaqen H'gar (In GoT)

Rose Leslie As Gwen Dawson (in 2010's Downton Abbey) And As Ygritte (in Got)

Ross Mullan As Puppeteer (In 2007's Bear Behaving Badly) And As White Walker (In GoT)

Young Gwendoline Christie And As Brienne Of Tarth (In GoT)

Thomas Brodie-Sangster As Sam (In 2003's Love Actually) And As Jojen Reed (In GoT)

Young Kristian Nairn And As Hodor (In GoT)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau As Martin (In 1997's Nightwatch) And As Jaime Lannister (In GoT)

Richard Madden As Young Andy (in 2000's Complicity) And As Robb Stark (In GoT)

Young Iwan Rheon And As Ramsay Bolton (In GoT)

Max Von Sydow As Antonius Block (In 1957's The Seventh Seal) And As Three-Eyed Raven (In GoT)

Alfie Allen As Arundel's Son (In 1998's Elizabeth) And As Theon Greyjoy (In GoT)

Michelle Fairley As Teresa Doyle (In 1990's Hidden Agenda) And As Catelyn Stark (In GoT)

Mark Addy As David 'Dave' (In 1997's The Full Monty) And As Robert Baratheon (In GoT)

Young Jerome Flynn And As Bronn (in Got)

Jonathan Pryce As Sam Lowry (In 1985's Brazil) And As High Sparrow (In GoT)

Liam Cunningham As The Onion Knight (In 1995's First Knight) And As Ser Davos (In GoT)

Isaac Hempstead Wright As Tom Hill (In 2011's The Awakening) And As Bran Stark (In GoT)

Rory McCann As Kenny Mcleod (in 2002's The Book Group) And As Sandor Clegane Aka The Hound (In GoT)

Conleth Hill As Roache (In 1992's Blue Heaven) And As Lord Varys (In GoT)

Charles Dance As Anthony Bowles (In 1988's Pascali's Island) And As Tywin Lannister (In GoT)

Michael Mcelhatton As Raymond 'Rats' Doyle (In 2001's Paths To Freedom) And As Roose Bolton (In GoT)

Stephen Dillane As Michael Henderson (In 1997's Welcome To Sarajevo) And As Stanis Baratheon (In GoT)

Richard Brake As Pierce Tencil (In 1996's Subterfuge) And As Night's King (In GoT)

Jack Gleeson As Little Boy (In 2005's Batman Begins) And As Joffrey Baratheon (In GoT)

David Bradley As Colin Woodcock (In 1971's A Family At War) And As Walder Frey (In GoT)





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