During 8 Years Of Obama’s Presidency His Photographer Took 2 Million Pictures Of Him (114 pics)

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Pete Souza is an "Official White House Photographer.” He took first photo of Obama in 2005: “He’s walking around Red Square, he’s on a sidewalk, and nobody knows who he is." And some four years later he became the 44th President of the United States. Here are some of the best photos.

Barack Obama And Ella Rhodes, Daughter Of Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes

President Barack Obama Fist-Bumps Custodian Lawrence Lipscomb

President Obama Delivers A Colorful Farewell As He Leaves Jamaica

A Young Boy Reaches Up To Compare The President's Hair To His Own

President Barack Obama Kisses First Lady Michelle Obama For The "Kiss Cam"

President Barack Obama Jokingly Puts His Toe On The Scale As Trip Director Marvin Nicholson Weighs Himself

President Barack Obama With First Lady Michelle Obama Meets Prince George

Barack Obama Crawling With Ella Rhodes

Playing With Bo

Family Portrait In The Oval Office

The President Shows His Fun Side, Playing The Villain To A Three-Year-Old Spider-Man

President Barack Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama Share A Private Moment

President Barack Obama Holds Six-Month-Old Talia Neufeld, Daughter Of Departing Staff Member Adam Neufeld

Skeptical Infants Peer At The POTUS Through A Window

One-Year-Old Lincoln Rose Smith Learns To Walk

President Barack Obama Shares A Pizza Dinner With Individuals Who Wrote Letters To Him, At The Wazee Supper Club In Denver, Colo

The President Let Out A big Laugh As He Was Being Briefed By The Producers And Mr. Fallon On The 'Slow Jam The News' Segment

The President Tosses Around The Ball Before A Meeting In The Oval Office

On A Cold Day, The President Races Down The Colonnade With Denis McDonough's Children

President Barack Obama Eats A Peach Following A Town Hall Meeting At Kroger's Supermarket

President Barack Obama Watches First Lady Michelle Obama Dance With 106-Year-Old Virginia McLaurin Prior To A Reception Celebrating African American History

President Barack Obama's Daughter Sasha Hides Behind The Sofa As She Sneaks Up On Him At The End Of The Day In The Oval Office

President Barack Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama

President Barack Obama Welcomes Stephanie Decker. Decker lost her legs while saving her two children during a tornado in southern Indiana in March

President Barack Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama Dance Together During The Inaugural Ball At The Walter E. Washington Convention Center

The President And Members Of The White House Staff Look Out The Window Of Air Force One To View Tornado Damage Over Moore, Oklahoma

President Barack Obama Plays Basketball With White House Staffers While On Vacation On Martha's Vineyard

President Barack Obama Rides The Elevator To The Private Residence Of The White House After Attending 10 Inaugural Balls And A Long Day, Including Being Sworn In As President

President Barack Obama Holds The Baby Daughter Of Former Staff Members Darienne Page Rakestraw And London Rakestraw

President Barack Obama Meets With His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama

The President Plays Peek-A-Boo With The Daughter Of White House Staffer Emmett Beliveau In The Outer Oval Office

Two Presidents Waiting Near Locked Door

Obama Family In The Oval Office

The President And First Lady Holding Hands At The 50th Anniversary Of Bloody Sunday

The Two Coaches For Sasha Obama's Basketball Team Couldn't Make It To One Of Her Games, So The President And His Then Personal Aide Filled In As Coaches For This Game

Eight-Year Old Make-A-Wish Child Janiya Penny Reacts After Meeting President Barack Obama As He Welcomes Her Family To The Oval Office

President Barack Obama Runs Around His Desk In The Oval Office With Sarah Froman, Daughter Of Nancy Goodman And Mike Froman, Deputy National Security Advisor For International Economics

President Barack Obama Welcomes Robby Novak, Known As “Kid President,” To The Oval Office

President Barack Obama Sits On The Famed Rosa Parks Bus At The Henry Ford Museum

President Barack Obama Looks Out The Green Room Window

President Obama Orders Lunch At Five Guys In Washington, D.C. During An Unannounced Lunch Outing

President Barack Obama Plays With Bo, The Obama Family Dog, Aboard Air Force One During A Flight To Hawaii

President Barack Obama Kisses First Lady Michelle Obama

President Barack Obama Hugs Donna Vanzant, The Owner Of North Point Marina, As He Tours Damage From Hurricane Sandy In Brigantine, N.J.

President Obama And First Lady Pose For Photos At The Instagram #GimmeFive Photo Booth In The East Room Of The White House

President Barack Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama Dance At The Governors Ball

President Barack Obama And His Daughters Watch On Television As First Lady Michelle Obama Begins Her Speech At The Democratic National Convention

President Barack Obama Cheers On A Young Child As She Rolls Her Egg Toward The Finish Line During The White House Easter Egg Roll

Barack Obama Takes One Last Look In The Mirror, Before Going Out To Take Oath

President Barack Obama Stands By A Cut-Out Picture Of First Lady Michelle Obama During A Visit To Miami Central High School

President Barack Obama Holds A Baby While Greeting Guests During An Independence Day Celebration

President Barack Obama Holds 3-D Glasses While Watching The Super Bowl Game At A Super Bowl Party

President Barack Obama Waits In The Green Room Before Being Introduced At The White House Summit On Community Colleges

President Barack Obama Greets Zoe Mahan, Daughter Of Hunter And Kandi Mahan, During A Reception For The 2013 President's Cup Championship Golf Teams

President Barack Obama Talks With Aides Outside The U.S. Ambassador's Residence In Paris Before Returning To Washington

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