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“Château Louis XIV:” The Most Expensive House Ever Sold (40 pics)

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The house dubbed “Château Louis XIV” was the world's largest real estate transaction for a private residence made in 2011. It is situated in a small French village just 20 km outside of Paris and is modeled after a 17th century palace built for France’s king Louis XIV.This building was completed in 2011 and was sold for 301 million dollars.

It sits on a 56-acre park and has 20 bedrooms.

Building this elegant palace took 3 years and over 200 workers.

Just to name a few of the additional rooms: there is a movie theater, a gym, squash court, meditation room, a ballroom and its own underground nightclub.

The materials used for it’s artistic décor include gold leaf moldings, marble inlays and tables chiseled from solid stone.

The wine cellar keeps up to 3,000 bottles.

The owner has never seen the room above.

Of course there’s a little luv for the “Sun King”…nice hair.

My personal favorite area is the enclosed aquarium. If you mean business, ya gotta begin with sharks swimming around your head.

The underwater room is 11 feet tall and 16 feet in diameter with a panel thickness of 2 inches.

The tunnel’s unique geometry required an extra 1.5 inches of thickness. Both the dome room and tunnel combine for a total weight of 8,550 lbs.

No mansion is complete with out artist recreating Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel.

If security is a question…it has 40 cameras watching your every move.

Finally the outdoor water fountain.

It’s app-controlled to change how the water flows.

Also, the colors of lighting can be set to inspire the mood for that night’s event.

There you have it. The most expensive house ever sold.

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Fats-T 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Pretty sweet but considering the current global economic state, I'm sure we will see this place pop up on the awesome abandoned websites in a few years.