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Here’s How Kids Of Instagram Are Spending Their Summertime Which Is Much Better Than Yours (18 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird   2 Jul 2016   / 6071 views

Wasteful? Kyle Parsons posted a snap showing him and a female friend 'saying goodbye' to some Dom Perignon, Cristal and a little Belvedere by pouring it into the sea

What happens in Vegas! Nicky Kaufman showed off his love of expensive Champagne with a picture of a bikini-clad woman pouring the contents of a 15l bottle Veuve Clicquot into his mouth in Sin City, captioned: 'Greed at its finest'

Summer lovin': Emir Bahadir is heading off to Miami on a private jet

while Ally Fusco is shopping on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach

Strike a pose: Wes Holland posed in front of a luxurious mansion in The Hamptions for this picture, captioned: 'It's good to be home'

Showing off! Danny Agha showed off his wealth with a snap of a Louis Vuitton bag stuffed with cash and made sure to include the Cartier Love bracelets on his wrists in the picture, captioned with a boastful: 'I'm only 23'

'Cannes you handle it?' Paris Hilton's brother Barron shows off his luxury pad while visiting Cannes in Frances recently

Exotic: Marcus B showed off his vacation to The Bahamas, posting this snap of a yacht. 'This one is just too good not to upload,' he wrote

Wild nights! For the Rich Kids of Instagram, nights out mean bottle service at the trendy Java Club in Geneva, Switzerland

'Toys for boys': One smug Instagrammer showed off his helicopter from his summer vacation

Of course! Marcus Wetterheim bought a new Audi R8, so of course the first thing he did was jump on the hood for a sultry Instagram shot

Always time for a picture! Julia Adasheva strikes a pose in front of a helicopter while on vacation in Waipio Valley, Hawaii

A Miami-based 'rich kid' shows off his extravagant Hublot timepiece with the caption: 'If you know you know'

Photo opp: Lyla Dumont poses for a picture on a yacht on Fisher Island, an exclusive island off the coast of Miami, Florida

Living large! Oversized bottles seem to be a trend for many Instagrammers, including Michael Barnouin

and Lily Fortescue

Shopaholic: In this post, this 'rich kid' shows off his Valentino butterfly jacket and Christian Louboutin loafers 

Happy go lucky: Reya Benitez posted this picture of herself and a couple of bikini-clad friends enjoying themselves by the pool


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