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You Probably Didn’t Know That These Fruits And Vegetables Grow Like This (21 pics)

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Asparagus grows STRAIGHT OUT OF THE GROUND and it’s kinda creepy.

Eggplants grow on low plants and are technically berries (wtf).

Peanuts grow underground and look kinda gnarly.

Cashews grow out of these weird apple-like things and have toxic shells, which is why you’ll never see unshelled cashews at the store.

Artichokes are flowers — the part we eat is the bud of the flower — and they produce these beautiful blossoms when they bloom, rendering the rest of the plant inedible.

Quinoa is the edible seeds of this plant.

Pineapples grow in the middle of these cute plants and make for some really cute pineapple fields.

Avocados grow on trees in big clusters. See you at Chipotle!

Kiwi grow on vines. For some reason, I always pictured a tree??

Almonds are the seeds of this tree. They grow in woody shells.

Ginger is the underground root of this plant.

Papayas grow like bananas in a cluster on a tree.

Kidney beans grown in pods, obvi.

Dates grow in large, pendulous clumps on date palm trees.

Capers are the pickled flower buds of this plant.

Celery grows straight out of the ground, too.

Chickpeas grow in low plants in these little green shells.

Brussels sprouts grow aboveground in these crazy stalks.

Olives grow on weird-looking trees and are harvested by shaking the bough or tree until they fall off.

Cinnamon is literally the dried inner bark of this tree.

Broccoli is actually the flower of this plant.

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