Going Camping With A … Cat? (60 pics)

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Whereas the idea of going camping with a dog will hardly surprise anyone, cats might be a different story. Or not anymore? Ryan Carter, the creator of the “campingwithdogs” account on Instagram, has recently created the “campingwithcats” account, which is now inspiring cat lovers all over the world to go camping with their cats and share their experiences on Instagram. This has already produced more than 7000 posts with the #campingwithcats hashtag! And that’s what is what actually looks like when cats go camping.

Keep Rowing, Human. We Must Reach The Shore By Dusk

What A Magical Time

Having Fun

Pure Purrrfection

Utter Purrfection

Perfect Hiding Place

The Littlest Camper

It Is 3 Am. I Sing Songs Of My People. Yet, There's No Applause

This Is What Backpacks Are For Right?

Our First Trip

Camping Buddies

This Favorite Spot Of Mine

Human Shoulder? No. The Throne Upon Which I Rule

Human Said Say Cheese. Yet, I Don't See Any Cheese. I Have Been Deceived

Soiled By Kindness. Gone Is My Rugged Repute. Now I'm... Cuddly

Backpacking Is Fun, They Say

A Glorious View. Atop This Boulder, I Perch. Time For A Cat Nap

Hiking Is Exhausting

I'm A Purrfect Kayaker

My Biggest Regret? Not Hiding When I Saw You. Hindsight Is Futile

Ah, Freedom At Last

My Adopted Cat Is The Best Climbing Partner Ever

Purrrfect View

Kitty The Explorer

Vexatious Human. Hogs The Hammock; I Can't Nap. My Soul Is Breaking

That Time We Took Our Kittens Canoeing And Hiking

Adventure Calls Me. Yet, I Require A Nap. The Struggle Is Real

Let's Go Kayaking They Said. It Will Be Fun They Said

My Cat Keel: "I Get By With A Little Help From My Furrends"

When My Humans Took Me Along Their Journey

Good Morning From The Meowtains

Go Climb Trees, They Said. It'll Be Fun, They Said. Lies

The Evening Light Was Perfect. And How Can You Not Love The Look On Bolt's Face?

Our Idea Of A Perfect Summer Afternoon

I Am Almighty. I Hold The Power Of Earth. I Made Dis Hot Thing

Me And Finch Are Portland-Bound To Go Hang Out With

Besties On Kayak Patrol

Morning With A View

Straight Up Chillin'

Hanging Out Down By The River

Let The Wild Rumpus Start

Apathy And Sloth. Skills I've Spent Years Mastering

Ready To Adventure

It's Quite Nice

Adventure Kitty

Cotton Candy Sky's This Morning On The Water

Cat That Walked Across Spain Together

Hiking Buddies

Enjoying A Little Cave Stop On Our Hike

Meet Gandalf The Traveling Cat

Good Morning World

On The Top Of The World

This Cat Just Loves Kayaking

Sup Guys? This Is How We Roll

Adventure Time

I Traverse These Dark Waters

My Cat Is Pretty Cool. He Comes On Canoe Trips And Stuff

Mondays, Am I Right


Yeah, She Carries Me. I Basically Own Her. My Human Peasant

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