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Michael Scott Is The One Who Makes “The Office” This Awesome (19 pics + 4 gifs)

Posted in Funny » Humor   30 Jul 2016   / 6613 views

When he displayed how he earned that “World’s Best Boss” mug on his desk:

When he totally insulted Dwight with this sick burn that we’re still repeating to this day:

When he expressed how much he was not a fan of Toby:

Actually, basically every time he made fun of Toby:

When he screwed up his definitions at Phyllis’s wedding:

When he displayed this expert business acumen:

When he really, really messed up the definition of what it means to be bisexual:

The time he mistook Dunder Mifflin for Hogwarts:

When he really didn’t think this statement through, but he was so happy we didn’t care:

When he had this totally not-work-appropriate comeback:

When he displayed his lack of understanding of geography and world history:

When he knew he was a Queen Bey in a world of Michelles and Kellys:

When he wasn’t afraid to admit the truth:

When he had a reptilian-induced meltdown:

When he had this compelling legal justification:

When he basically spoke for us all with this statement:

When he unintentionally used this exceptional play on words:

When he tried way, way too hard to come up with this cinematic joke:

When he cooked up this avian pun:

When he demonstrated how to (poorly) take off a bra using Dwight as a model:

When he expressed his affection for the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton:

When he seemed to mix up a few adages:

And finally, when he knew about the hottest pizza spot in all of New York:

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