Funny Notes That Parents Left To Their Kids (54 pics)

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Just Got Home From Work And Found This Note From My Dad On The Fridge. A Little Confused, I Walked Into The Living Room To Find My Cat As Promised. Thanks Dad!

Today´s Wifi Password

It Worked! We Woke Up At 10:06 This Morning!

My Dad Leaves Misspelled Notes, And I Leave Replies

That Awkward Advice From Dad

#dadfact Of The Day

Lovely Note From Mom

Parents Went Out Of Town For The Weekend. Mom Left Me Laundry Instructions

Oops, Busted

My Daughters Said She Was Too Old For Notes In Her Lunch - My Reply And Win

When It's Not Obvious Enough What Needs To Be Done

I'm Happy That You're Trying To Help

Found This Note In My Bathroom Drawer After My Dad Tried To Borrow Toothpaste

Mom's Love Is Enough Fuel

Just A Heartwarming Note From My Mother

I Hope You Don´t Mind

Found This Note My Mum Left For My Sister In The Car

Parenting Level: Hipster

My Friend Left This Note In His Kids Lunchbox Today. I'm Not A Parent, But This Seems Legit

My Dads Note To My Brothers About The Plugs In The House

Went To Put On My Boots For The First Time Since Last Fall. I Pulled Out What Looked To Be An Ancient Moldy Banana And This Note In My Mom's Handwriting. I Think I Missed This Joke By About A Year

My Friend's Mom Likes To Leave Notes On The Fridge. This Was Her Response

Bought A New Hatchet Yesterday. Came Downstairs To Find This Note On It This Morning. I Think My Dad Is Trying To Teach Me Something About Putting Things Away

My Friend Keeps Bringing An Apple To Work But Not Eating It So His Dad Left This Note On It

While My 7-year-old Daughter Loves The Notes I Leave In Her Lunch, Her Friends Have No Idea Why Her Dad Is "So Weird"

My Mom Said She Put A Note On Her Phone To Remind Her To Bring Cake

So My Dad Had To Go Get A Colonoscopy This Morning And This Is The Note My Mom Left Me

My Parent Went Out Of Town, He Left Me A Note

Me And My Mom Are Both Atheists, But She Left Me This Note This Morning

My Mom Stole My Alcohol Last Week. Got This Note This Morning

Girlfriend's Step Dad Is A Fire Fighter. She Found This Note This Morning

Mom Left Me A Note

Only Thing Less Expected Is...

Dirty Laundry Basket Is Watching You

My Friend's Spanish Speaking Mother Tried To Write Him A Note Today

My Parents Went Out Of Town For My Dad's Birthday And This Is The Note They Left Behind

Don´t Be Mad?

Sticky Notes From Mom. Sticky Notes From Mom Everywhere!

I Accidentally Left My Computer Logged In To Reddit This Morning, Found This Note When I Got Home

My Friend's Parents Each Left Us A Note Before We Went To Idaho To Go To A Theme Park

Loving Note From My Father

My Dad Gave Me Some Zelda Mints. He Wrote A Little Note. Well, He Tried, He Tried

Note My Mom Left For Me On Asos

My Dad Left Me A Special Note In My Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Well Played Pops, Well Played

My Father Has Really Bad Handwriting, So My Mother Has To Translate Every Note

When There Are No More Napkins Left

Judging By This Note From My Mom, I'd Say I'm Doing Summer Right

Persistant Dad Is Persistant

My Little Sister Has The Flu, So My Mom Is Leaving Her A Note About Her Medicine. I Think The Note Wants To Mislead Her

Please Don´t Trade These For A Twinkie!

Thanks, Mom, It´s Almost The Same Thing!

I Was Greeted With "sh*t On Carpet By A/c"

Father Leaves His Messy Teens The Perfect Threatening Note                                       





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