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How To Purchase Stuff Without Throwing Big Sums Of Money Away On It (12 pics)

Posted in Random » Interesting   4 Aug 2016   / 5189 views

Here is an ultimate purchasing guide for each month of the year that will give you great tips on when is the best time for price reduction, hence the best time for you to spend your money.


Cold weather apparel like sweaters, coats, and scarves go on sale post-holidays. New furniture collections will release in February, so dealers will try to sell old product.


A lot of new electronics from the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) will hit stores, so older products will be discounted. Tools, bedding, and furniture are often featured in sales around Presidents’ Day.


Stock up on Valentine’s Day chocolates when they drop in price in March. That way, when you’re lonely all year, you can be fat, too.

Also, with people going on spring break, luggage will go on sale.


Book your flights for June and July because summer air travel will be cheaper. According to Gizmodo, April also is the month to buy a new laptop.


Spring apparel and home goods will see big discounts thanks to Memorial Day sales. More people will be outside enjoying the warmer weather, so take advantage and get a gym membership.


Thanks to Victoria’s Secret and their Semi-Annual Sale, lingerie will go on sale. In somehow directly related news, National Doughnut Day is June 7, so take advantage of some free doughnuts.


Because stores will start to gear up for back-to-school, July is the month to stock up on your summer apparel. Jewelers see a slump in July because all the big holidays are far away, so maybe you should think about getting that engagement ring?


With most schools back in session, August is the time to stock up on school supplies for next year. Also with summer coming to an end, don’t forget to grab some discounted swimwear.


Again with summer FULLY fully coming to an end, things like grills, lawnmowers, and pool equipment will be on sale.


In September, new car models will hit dealerships. That makes October the perfect time to buy last year’s model. With the holidays right around the corner, you won’t see too many people taking vacations, making travel prices slightly cheaper.


Have a sweet tooth? All that extra Halloween candy will go on sale at the beginning of the month. You can’t forget about Black Friday, either, where everything is on sale and people will be breaking themselves to get it. So, yeah, just avoid those crazy mobs.


Because champagne is in such high demand, the retailers will try and out-deal each other. Treat yo’ self to some bubbly. Christmas decor will be at rock-bottom prices immediately after the holiday, too.

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