This Is How Much Real-Life Houses From Popular TV Shows Cost (17 pics)

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Breaking Bad

3828 Piedmont Drive

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Estimated price: $211,388

The current owner says the interior looks almost nothing like in the show, but the pool is definitely there.

Happy Days

565 North Cahuenga Boulevard

Los Angeles, California

Estimated price: $3,161,964

The real-life house is nowhere near Miwaukee and has 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a pool and no Fonzie apartment above the garage.

Six Feet Under

2302 W 25th Street

Los Angeles, California

Estimated price: $1,305,726

The 6,324-square-foot Victorian beauty in West Adams was built in 1905 and has plenty of room for people, living and deceased, seeing as it has 5 bedrooms.

American Horror Story: Murder House

1120 Westchester Place

Los Angeles, California

Estimated Price: $2,264,829

It’s actually called the Rosenheim Mansion and is a whopping 15,000-square-feet. The cultural landmark is currently set up as a recording studio.

Boy Meets World

4196 Calfax Ave

Studio City, California

Estimated price: $1,156,754

Cory Matthews’ home is actually really close to the CBS studios where they shot the show for a while, and it’s surprisingly only 2 bedrooms, despite what the show leads you to believe.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1313 Cota Avenue

Torrance Avenue

Estimated price: $750,534

Buffy’s house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in real life and is only a few blocks from Torrance High School which was the exterior of Sunnydale High.

The Brady Bunch

11222 Dilling Street

North Hollywood, California

Estimated price: $1,782,141

The giant family lived here in this 5-bedroom house, which has been owned by the same family since February 1973 when it sold for $61,000.

Modern Family

10336 Dunleer Drive

Los Angeles, California

Estimated price: $2,252,166

The 4-bedroom 2-story home where the Dunphys live is in Cheviot Hills.

Family Matters

1516 West Wrightwood Avenue

Chicago, Illinois

Estimated price: $221,243

The Winslow residence was built in 1924 and is a multi-family home. Steve Urkel not included.

Golden Girls

245 N Saltair Avenue

Los Angeles, California

Estimated price: $3,310,708

The feisty ladies did NOT live in south Florida like you may think. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom ranch used in exterior shots is in west Los Angeles.

Mad Men

675 Arden Road

Pasadena, California

Estimated Price: $2,021,754

The house had a red door while shooting, and the Draper residence is all the way across the country from Ossining, New York.

Step By Step

2011 Fletcher Avenue

South Pasadena, California

Estimated price: $1,590,190

There are only .27 acres on this lot, hardly enough for cousin Cody’s trailer in the yard.

7th Heaven

527 Alta Avenue

Santa Monica, California

Estimated price: $6,781,269

This house has over 12 rooms, a pool AND a tennis court on this fairly small lot.


619 South Runnymeade Avenue

Evansville, Indiana

Estimated price: $110,735

The actual home the Connors lived in measures up to 2,000 square feet with 4 bedrooms. It’s described as the perfect home for University of Evansville students.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

251 North Bristol Avenue

Los Angeles, California

Estimated Price: $11,634,932

Shockingly enough, the house is NOT in Bel-Air, but in Brentwood, a slightly less super-rich neighborhood. Still, it’s crazy expensive.

Full House

1709 Broderick Street

San Francisco, California

Estimated price: $3,901,902

The 2,484-square-foot home built in 1900 is actually for rent right now, for $13,950 a month. San Francisco, am I right?

The Wonder Years

516 University Avenue

Burbank, California

Estimated price: $894,775

The modest 1,800-square-foot ranch is in Burbank, but still no word on where the show was actually set.




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