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Some Of The Best Photos From Burning Man 2016 (25 pics)

Posted in Random » Wow   5 Sep 2016   / 6966 views

Every inch of the playa presents an opportunity for a new profile picture.

Even when it's totally obscured by dust.

While others took it easy.

Attendees of all ages showed up.

Accommodations ranged from tricked out RVs ...

... to old-school tents that blanketed the desert floor.

The art installations were, as always, unreal. (Oh, hey there, Katy Perry.)

Festival-goers could climb a massive warthog structure as it rocked gently in the wind.

Check out Pumba's detail.

A glowing, gutted jumbo jet is the largest "art car" in Burning Man history.

A kaleidoscopic whale made a splash on the arts scene.

These cats are totally out of this world.

Sometimes the simplest structures make for the most interesting art.

What would Burning Man be without its effigy of "The Man"?

You never really know what to expect from Burning Man fashion.

It's an opportunity to let your freak flag fly.

That honestly cannot be comfortable in 80-degree weather.

Given the frequent dust storms, surgical masks are a must.

These sunglasses are art.

You'll have a good view for any show on stilts.

Paris Hilton rocked an alien-patterned leotard on the playa.

While actress-model Cara Delevigne sported a futuristic gladiator look.

This guy's ready to go home.

When the dust settles on Black Rock City ...

It's time to let it burn.

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