Useful Life Hacks That Will Forever Change Your Life (35 pics)

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Save money on vegetables by buying them in bulk, cutting them up, and then freezing them. We know veggies expire fast. By freezing them, they'll last a lot longer.

To create more storage in your kitchen cabinets, mount towel racks on the side of the cabinet doors. Store all of your pan and pot lids here.

Slice a piece of a mini pint of ice cream and place it between two large cookies for a super neat ice cream sandwich! Let's take a moment to thank the genius who came up with this.

Slip a long piece of paper into a tube of chips so that when you tip the tube over, the chips have something to lay on top of. No more crumbs at the end. No more sticking your arm all the way into the bottom of the tube.

Use a staple remover to keep your key ring open when you're adding keys. 

On hot days where your car is unbearable to be in, place a coozie over your shift stick. Save yourself from a hand burn.

Cut round sandwich fillings in half to make sure they cover the whole surface of the bread. 

Cut slits into the slides of your band-aid for pesky finger cuts. This method will prevent the bandages from always slipping off.

Dig a hole in your leftovers when heating them up in the microwave so the heat will spread evenly. 

Create your very own DIY lunchables out of a mini mason jar and empty apple sauce container. There are great for lunch or snacks to bring to work or school.

Place one bowl on top of a cup to make sure both bowls can fit in the microwave at the same time. 

Create a medical card with all your medical info on it and keep it somewhere visible in your wallet. This is especially great for people who may have certain allergies or medication needs. It may even save your life one day.

Eat snacks with a lot of residue with chopsticks so you won't get any of the powder staining your fingers! 

To keep your greens fresher for longer, place a paper towel in the same container as your greens. If you don't want to freeze your veggies, this is a great alternative. The towels takes the moisture from the lettuce so that it'll remain crisp for a longer time.

Eating a Cupcake
Instead of just digging in, cut the bottom off and turn it into a sandwich. You'll get frosting in every bite.

Cook two pizzas at the same time by cutting each one in half and placing them on each side of the pan. Great for when you have a lot of people with you.

You probably loathe breaking in shoes. Just take a thick pair of socks, wear shoes, then use a hair dryer to blow on the tightest corners. Keep repeating until the shoes fit comfortably!

Instead of serving tacos laying on their side on a plate, use a muffin tin to serve them upright. Just flip the muffin tin upside down and place the tacos in between the blocks.

Put your phone in a cup when playing music to enhance the sound. 

Place picture hooks onto the sides of a trash can to keep the handles of the trash bag down. Taking out and replacing the trash bag has never been easier.

Place a slide of bread on your cake or with your cookies in a bag to keep them soft and moist. 

If you have ice pops to freeze, place them upright in the freezer. This way, you'll always have a clean and clear cut.

Keep your straw in place by turning the tab and placing the straw through the tab. 

If you don't have sprinklers at your house, create your very own one out of a hose and empty plastic bottle. Just cut multiple holes into the plastic bottle and place it over a running hose.

Learn from monkeys and peel a banana from the bottom instead of the top.
To slice bread without squishing the top, turn it upside down and slice it from the bottom up.

For the perfect french tip, paint over a big rubberband. Or you can use tape as well!

You've been freezing your ice cream all wrong. Keep it in a ziploc bag when you stuff the tub in the freezer and your ice cream will stay soft and not harden to the point where you'll have difficulty scooping it. 

On a super hot day, freeze a few big jugs of water and place them in front of a fan for a cooler breeze. This is super useful for people who don't have air conditioning in their home.

When you don't have a funnel handy and need to pour some oil in your car, use a screwdriver. Just pour the oil against the screwdriver.

When hammering something down, use a clothespin to hold down the nail. This way, you won't accidentally hammer your fingers.

If you like to drink iced coffee, freeze your coffee leftovers in an ice cube tray. And then use these special ice cubes for your next coffee, this way it doesn't dilute your drink.

Create your very own legit ice pack by freezing 3 parts water with 1 part rubbing alcohol. You can add a little glitter if you want your ice pack to have some decorative flair.

When walking on ice, keep the center of your gravity on your front leg instead of mid-stride. If that's confusing, just think of how a penguin walks.

To ensure that your juice box doesn't explode all over the table, cut a tiny hole in the top corner of the box. Now you don't have to worry about a sticky mess.




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