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Some Of The Funniest LEGO Jokes On The Web (48 pics)

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Battle Strategies

MToday I Learned That Raspberries Make Great LEGO Afros

When You Turn 100 And Can't Play With LEGO Anymore

My Son Was Excited To Find Daddy In His New LEGO Kit

Seen At My Doctors Office

This Is How My Son Was Sleeping. He May Be Immortal

I'll Never LEGO

Who Says LEGO Isn't Racist?

His Feet Won't Lego

He Went To The Barber And Asked For That LEGO Skin Fade

LEGO Dad Is Not Impressed

My Roommate Blew Candle Wax All Over The Sink, So I Took Advantage Of The Situation

My Wife Rescued This Guy From Our Vacuum

Are You Ready?

A Lazy Lego Husband Buys His Wife A Bunch Of Lego Blocks And Tells Her She Can Decide For Herself What She Wants To Make Out Of Them

Six Pack

Blizzard On The Redhorn Pass

My Friend Told His Kids They Had To Share The Lego Table - This Is The Outcome

Chuck Norris Stepped On A Lego Once

Someone Actually Made Anti-Lego Slippers

Try To Get My Dark Side

I Told My Cousin He Had Lego Man Hair And He Didn't Understand So I Had To Show Him

Stepping On A Lego


Tard The Grumpy Cat

Lego Rain

Fight Fire With Fire

Lego Desert

5-Year-Old's 1 Piece Addition To My Wife's Lego Set

Friend Passed Out Last Night At Our Little Party. So, We Made Up Some Dialogue Using Lego Men About A Plot To Dispose Of His Body

At School I Found A Lego Book. Did Not Expect This

What I Remember Most About Lego

Lego Leia Had A Few Drinks At The Office Party

When Han Met Chewie


Lego Man In A Head Pit

Alter Lego

I Hope You Step On A Lego

How To Dissect Kermit The Frog

Pure Evil

Diarrhea Makes Hulk Angry

My Son Was Grounded And Was So Angry He Wrote This Hateful Note...With Lego

Lego Pirates

Found A New Lego Store In Melbourne Today

Happy May The...

Lego Stripper Ron Swanson?

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