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Google Has The Most Badass Offices! (23 pics)

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Check out these pics of Google offices from around the world if you don’t believe me.


Google's Zurich, Switzerland, office — which was designed by architecture firm Camenzind Evolution — has egg-shaped pods that serve as meeting rooms.

This tunnel-like meeting room in Zurich looks like a cool and mysterious cavern — although it's clearly not meant for the claustrophobic.

Employees in Zurich can play soccer and basketball right inside the office.

The colorful Dublin offices have plenty of space for employees to relax and work.

There's also greenery throughout the office and some cool spaces for small group meetings...

...or employees can read and relax in the library, which looks like something out of "Harry Potter."

Here's a peek inside the cafeteria at Google's Washington headquarters...

...which is also home to a rock climbing wall right inside the office.

The Paris office has a shiny red Citroen 2CV car inside.

For employees that need to unwind, Google's Chicago office offers foosball and arcade games.

These hanging pods in the Chicago office look super comfortable — and can act as a meeting space.

Employees in Moscow can play table tennis and foosball inside this cozy, wood-paneled room.

The Venice Beach office — which was designed by architect Frank Gehry — has amenities like a custom pool table and vintage arcade games.

Even the entrance in Venice Beach is unique: Employees enter the building through a giant pair of binoculars.

Employees in Toronto can play miniature golf on the roof...

...or head downstairs to the music room to spin on the turntables.

Employees in Mountain View have their own sand volleyball court on the campus.

They can also take a nap inside a nap pod, which completely blocks out light and sound.

There's even a lap pool for any Mountain View employee who might feel like taking a dip.

Google's New York City offices are so big, employees may need a scooter to get from place to place.

Google's office in Ontario, Canada, has a full-fledged rock climbing wall.

This cool, modern blue library in Ontario is full of books and its own fireplace...

...and the best part? Behind one of the bookshelves, there's a hidden room.

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