The Amazon Is At The Top Of The List Of The Scariest Places On Earth (15 pics)

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The Amazon Rainforest

This big bad forest is located in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and a little bit in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

The deep, dark, damp, bush is filled with a lot of dangerous shit. I’m still talking about the Amazon rainforest here fellas, c’mon now. 

Electric Eel

This sketchy looking thing can release short strong bursts of electricity, or long continuous shocks. Although the shock alone wont kill you, several deaths have been reported due to victims not being able to keep afloat after receiving multiple shocks.

Vampire Bat

These blood suckin’ goons like to latch on and drink the blood of plenty of different animals, even humans. Luckily, their bites don’t kill. However, they can lead to infections or rabies.

Green Anaconda

This thing can grow up to 9 meters long and weigh up to 500 pounds. Just like in the movie, these guys slither in the depths of the Amazon river, waiting to wrap themselves around anything they find- and then slowly suffocate their prey before swallowing them whole.

Bullet Ant

Said to have the most painful bite in the world, this little sucker can give you the same painful feeling as being shot. At least their bites aren’t fatal.

The Black Caiman

One of the biggest alligators in the world. These guys will eat anything, even their own kind. Their powerful jaws will slam shut on you and drown you in the river before devouring you.

Bull Shark

One of the three species of sharks that are labelled ”most likely to attack humans”, the bull shark can be found in both saltwater and freshwater. Find them lurking along the shores of the Amazon river hunting things like dolphins, small mammals, and sometimes humans.

Tree Boas

If you think that getting off the ground and navigating the trees is a safer way around the Amazon, just take a look at the tree boa. Though they aren’t venomous, they can suffocate you after delivering a painful bite.

Assassin Bug

This bug injects a poisonous saliva into its prey. That saliva melts the entire inside of the poor bastard so that it can suck the juices out of it. Their bites are extremely painful, so if you see one on you, flick that bitch off.

Red Bellied Piranha

Although they don’t devour your entire body in a matter of seconds like in the movies, these fish definitely like to nibble and bite. They won’t kill you though.

Poison Dart Frog

Beautiful but deadly. Their skin is covered in poison and if you get enough of it in you, your heart can stop beating in a matter of minutes.

Amazonian Giant Centipede

Another bug that will eat anything in its path. They will bite, wrap their crazy bodies around their prey, and eat them alive. At around 11 inches long, they wont be able to eat a human, but their bites can give you a fever, and that’s not something you want in the rainforest.

Pit Viper

These guys can hide anywhere, and they’re quite aggressive, so if you see one, don’t try and mess with it.


The hardest bite among cats is a title held by the Jaguar. Luckily, attacks on humans are rare, and they typically hunt and feed at night, looking for things like monkeys and pigs. But imagine scanning with your flashlight and just seeing these two glowing eyes looking at you. Shit.

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Considered by many to be the most poisonous spider on earth, you can find these guys running around the Amazon at night time. So, if you don’t have a flashlight, you’re fucked.




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