Here Is What Your Body Language Says About You (21 pics)

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Placing your hand on your chin expresses a a thoughtful attitude. Conversely, placing both hands on your chin can display the feeling of dejection.

First of all, what is body language? One description tells us that body language is “he means by which humans (and some other animals) convey information through conscious or subconscious body movements or facial expressions.”

The first book on body language was written over 350 years ago by John Bulwer. He wrote a book on the language of hand movements.

The average blinking rate for humans is about 6-8 blinks per minute. People who are lying or find themselves under pressure, increase their blinking rate significantly.

There’s something called “The crotch display” or what is now more commonly referred to as “man spreading.” This is when a man is sitting down with his legs apart. This is seen as a “dominance” signal by men. Sometimes it’s done consciously, sometimes it’s subconscious.

There are things called “pacifying behaviors” that release calming endorphins to soothe the brain. These behaviors range from playing with your own hair, rubbing your neck or head, to rubbing the inside of your cheek with your tongue.

You may have heard of the “fight or flight” response. Our instinct either leans towards fighting to survive or getting the hell out of the situation. However, we’ve adapted to a modern day version of that response. Instead of running away, we’ve learned to use subconscious evasive actions. For example, we rub or close our eyes, turn away from a person or threat, or place the objects we are holding down.

People have the ability to read others quite well even when the subject hasn’t spoken a single word.

Having your hands in your pockets with your thumbs inside displays timidness. However, having your hands in your pockets with your thumbs sticking out displays confidence.

People are perceived to be more attractive when their heads are tilted.

There are about 18 different ways people can smile. However, only one smile truly reflects genuine happiness, “The Duchenne Smile.”

If you’re trying to look engaged in a conversation, refrain from crossing your arms. It tends to make people seem emotionally withdrawn from the conversation.

Touch is a huge sign of comfort and trust. When getting to know someone, a great way of developing some good rapport is to touch someones arm between the elbow and shoulder.

A weak shoulder shrug indicates that you are unsure about what you are saying. Whereas a sharp and full shoulder shrug expresses confidence and honesty.

There are 6 facial expressions that are considered universal: Sadness, Disgust, Anger, Surprise, Happiness, and Fear. Some scientists argue that there are 2 more: Embarrassment and contempt.

Research shows that men are attracted to women who laugh at them, and women are attracted to men that make them laugh. So, for those of you who can’t read signals, laughing is a good thing.

Having your hands placed down on something with your fingers spread apart is a sign of authority and confidence.

In certain parts of the world, eye contact that lasts more than a few seconds is considered confrontational and aggressive. Whereas in other cultures it as seen as a sign of endearment.

Holding your hands behind your back is sometimes referred to as the “regal stance” and signifies that you don’t want someone near you.

Closing, covering, or delaying the opening of your eyes displays disagreement, concern, fear, and concentration.

“Ventilation action” is something we do when we are under stress and are seeking some sort of relief. Men tend to pull their collars away from their necks in order to cool down or “ventilate,” while women tend to flick the back of her hair off of her neck.




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