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Guy Discovers A Safe Inside His Grandparents’ House And Finds Hellova Loot Inside (19 pics)

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When Redditor evilenglish’s grandparents passed away, he was devastated. He grew up spending quite of bit of time with them, and one of his fondest memories was reading the book Treasure Island with his grandpa, which obviously instilled in him the desire to find his own real-life treasure.

Their farmhouse was eventually put in his name, and when he went to clean the house up, out his wish of finding treasure came true. He found a small opening to a floor safe hidden under some carpet in a closet.

He came across the safe when he noticed the carpet within the closet was disgusting.

The safe was underneath the carpet, and rested within a slab of concrete.

He wasn’t aware of what the code could possibly be, so he hired a locksmith to come out and crack the safe.

The locksmith was able to remove the lock and gain access into the safe.

He initially saw what the thought was a pile of wet bricks. Unfortunately, a pipe had busted years prior and water had gotten into the safe.

However, those ‘bricks’ actually turned out to be books filled with coins, and had been well-preserved.

The moisture had damaged their covers, but the coins inside were still in pretty good condition.

There were so many items packed inside the safe. This is only a third of them.

Some, like this silver dollar, were in mint condition because of their protective cases.

The stacks of dollar bills didn’t hold up so well against the moisture.

Among the piles of money, there were also a few of his grandpa’s antique guns and wristwatches.

He even came across a few bars of silver.

But the best part of his experience was probably discovering that this old toolbox was actually a treasure chest.

When he opened it, he was delighted to see that it was chock-full of jewelry.

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