The Top 25 Most Luxurious And Most Expensive Yachts In The World (25 pics)

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25. Meteor $46M

Meteor is a luxury yacht built by RoyalHuisman in 2007. This idyllic charter yacht vaunts of amenitiessuch as not just one but two deckhouses. It can accommodate up to a total of 18 people (6 guests and 12 crew) with its 2 twin cabins and a master suite.

24. Le Grand Bleu $90M

This custom-made megayacht was constructed in 2000 and was previously owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Then it was reportedly given as a gift to his billionaire friend and business partner Eugene Shvidler.

23. Annaliese $103M

Annaliese is a custom-designed superyacht that can accommodate up to 36 people excluding the crew. This massive vessel houses an indoor gym with amenities such as a sauna and Jacuzzi. Guests can gain access to a master and VIP suite with king-sized beds as well as a total of 16 twin bedded suites.

22. Pelorus $115

Pelorus is deemed to be one of the iconic superyachts with its massive interior that can host 22 guests and 42 crew members luxuriously.

21. Alysia $116M

Alysia, now known as Moonlight II,is the sister ship of Annaliese. Be it indoor or outdoor activities, Alysia offers leisure and entertainment from its sun deck with a bar and Jacuzzi to its lower deck with a full-blown relaxation area.

20. Ambrosia $119M

Ambrosia is known to be one of Asia’s most desirable yachts. It is also one of the first mega yachts to adapt the DEP or diesel-electric propulsion system that actually minimizes noise and vibration when the vessel is in transit.

19. Maltese Falcon $120M

The Maltese Falcon takesseafaring of a sail-driven yacht to the next level. It is complete with amenities such as VIP suites and a techno gym. It’s perfect for cruising through the Atlantic as its 15 sails held by three rotating masts take you to incredible speeds under healthy winds.

18. Tatoosh $125 M

This mega-sized yacht, ranked as the 26th largest yacht in the world, is owned by Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-owner. This 303-foot long yacht houses entertainment that ranges from a 6-ft swimming pool to a movie theater.

17. Eos $150M

Eos is considered to be one of the biggest sailing yachts in the world. Her interior which has been kept secret is reported to have a glass staircase.

16. Project Mars $161.8M

This 265-foot long yacht boasts of a modern and sleek design complete with features and amenities such as a living garden, office, sauna and gym.

15. Octopus $200M

The Octopus is another megayacht owned by billionaire Paul Allen that costs $200M to build according to Its classiest features are its two helipads and 2 submarines.

14. Ecstasea $200M

Ecstasea is considered to be one of the biggest and best equipped superyachts by Feadship with anchor stabilizers that assure comfort even in rough waters.

13. Al Salamah $200M

This massive motor yacht, often mistaken as a cruise ship, is owned by Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister, Sultan bin Abdul Aziz. It earned the nickname MIPOS or Mission Possible during its construction because the sultan wanted it built in just a span of two years.

12. Rising Sun $200M

Ranked as one of the largest private yachts in the world, the Rising Sun has a total of 82 rooms spread across five floors. Not only does it have a movie theater and a wine cellar, but it also has its very own basketball court.

11. Seven Seas $200M

The Seven Seas, owned by Steven Spielberg, has on-board luxuries such as a glass movie screen and an infinity pool.

10. Ice Undisclosed

The Ice yacht is one of the first environment-friendly superyachts whose goal is to reduce emission to the lowest feasible levels.

9. Lady Moura $210M

If bowling alleys, basketball courts, and a full-blown rest and relaxation sections aren’t luxurious enough for you, then you might want to take a look into Lady Moura’s on-board beach complete with an adjustable hydraulic platform covered with sand.

8. Al MIRQAB $250M

This quarter of a billion dollars megayacht has won quite a number of awards such as Best Interior Design and the 2009 Motor Yacht of the Year Award from The World Superyacht Awards.

7. Dilbar $263 M

Launched in 2008, Dilbar is owned by Russian magnate Alisher Usmanov. This luxury super yacht can accommodate up to 20 guests and 47 staff members.

6. Radiant $286M

Radiant is owned by car dealer and investor Abdulla Al Futtaim. It is complete with a swimming platform, beach club, and movie theater. It is reported to be equipped with sonic guns and water cannons.

5. Al Said $300M

To cap off its grand interior, this superyacht has its own concert hall that can accommodate a 50-piece orchestra.

4. Dubai $300M

This sleek, modern superyacht offers a wide variety of luxurious amenities such as a mosaic swimming pool plus a spiral glass staircase that even changes color.

3. A $323M

Named after her owner’s initial, the “A” owned by Andrey Melnichenko can cut through icebergs.

2. Azzam $600M

Azzam’s engineering and design is one of the most impressive and innovative in the world as it sought to cruise at high speeds even in shallow waters.

1. Eclipse $800M

The Eclipse was custom built by Bohm Voss Shipyards, particularly for billionaire Roman Abramovich. One of the striking features of this massive superyacht is its very own missile defense system.





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