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If You’re Having Rough Day, This May Help (19 pics + 4 videos)

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Step 1: Print out this picture and hang it above your desk.

Step 2: Now channel your inner Bethany.

Step 3: Look at this picture of this man and his milk.

Step 4: Read these facts.

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he wanted people to answer the phone by saying “ahoy!” instead of “hello!”

Blind people smile even though they’ve never seen a smile. This is because smiling is a natural human reaction.

Step 5: Watch this little girl get excited about a train.

Step 6: Look at this badass old woman.

Step 7: Look at this face of pure joy.

Step 8: Be happy you weren’t the pelican that just bit this lady.

Step 9: Watch this woman hear for the first time.

Step 10: Read what happened when a brain cancer patient won a marathon. Try not to cry.

Step 11: Allow yourself to enjoy these pictures of dogs.

Step 13: Feel empowered.

Step 14: Find out what happens when this little kid answers the question “how big is a whale?”

Step 15: Be quiet for a moment.

Step 16: Now say “Yard Sard” out loud.

Step 17: Be happy you are not this man because honestly there is no low lower than this:

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