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Celebrities And The Babies That Look Exactly Like Them (44 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   30 Nov 2016   / 6077 views

Our Baby Looks Exactly Like Gordon Ramsay

My Son Looks Like Danny Devito

Friend's Baby Looks Like Wallace Shawn

My Nephew Looks Like John Legend

My Godson Think He's The Royal Prince

So My Friend's Baby Looks Like Gandalf

My Friend's Son Looks Like Jay-Z

My Baby Looks Like A Thoughtful Vladimir Putin

Charlie Looks Like Cam From Modern Family

My Friend's Baby Pictures Look Like Mrs. Doubtfire

Isabelle Looks Like Tiny Jamie Oliver

Baby That Looks Like Patton Oswalt

My Old College Roommate Had A Baby Recently. I'm Convinced He Looks Like Michael Cera

Baby Looks Like Kevin From The Office

Morgan Looks Like Shirley Temple

Grady Looks Like Chris Farley

This Baby Looks Like Phil Deville From The Rugrats

My Baby Looks Like Karl Pilkington

Friend's Baby Looks Like A Mini Simon Pegg

My Baby Cousin Looks Like Young Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Usher And His Baby Twin

My Friends Baby Looks Like Wallace Shawn

James Looks Like Masbot Boy Alfred E. Newman

This Baby Looks Like Conan O'Brien

Baby Looks Like Comedian Bill Maher

Baby Looks Like Rapper Ja Rule

Sammy Looks Like A Stay Puft Marsmallow Man From Ghostbusters

My Girl Daria Looks Like Jennifer Garner

Baby Looks Like Nathan Lane

My Friend's Kid Looks Like Garth Algar

Corrigan Looks Like Corey Feldman

Little Einstein

This Baby Looks Like Rob Ford

Brody Looks Like James Dean

Gavin Looks Like Mini-Me

Charlie Looks Like Humpty Dumpty

My Friends Little Handsome Guy Looks Like Victor Garber

Little Tiger Woods

Zephra Looks Like Linda Hunt

Wyatt Looks Like Kevin From The Office

Little Diesel

George Georgious Was Even Born With An Elvis-Style Quiff

My Eldest Looked Like Heston Blumenthal

But After A Haircut (by Mum And Dad), Wyatt Looks Like Hilary Swank In "boys Don't Cry"!!

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