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Welcome To The Amazing World Of Ikea (28 pics)

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You’ve spent so many days of moving week in Ikea, you’re questioning whether you’re actually moving in there.

You don’t know whether to cry, laugh, laugh-cry, or just lie down on the floor in the middle of Ikea and wallow in your own sorrow and despair.

Your friends may even begin to notice a difference in your mood.

The worst part about about Ikea?

IKEA + 3 kids = untold stress

The weekend crowds.

It’s moments like these that truly test your patience.

You’ve realized that curling up in a ball and hiding (read: crying) does not, in fact, solve your problems.

And that the only place where you can actually find some peace and quiet is the bed section.

So you take advantage of every single opportunity to relax, even if just for a moment.

Really. Every single one.

Refreshed and ready to get shit done, you reach in your pocket for the tape measure. That’s when you realize… you left it at home.

By now, you’re so irritated that even the smallest thing makes you livid.

But then you remember… THE FOOD.

That brightens your mood a bit.

So you steal pencils.

And redecorate displays.

And pose on a mountain of rugs because, damnit, you can.

You just DGAF anymore.

Now that you’re thinking clearly (re: food), you start loading your cart with all the really important things that Ikea has to offer. Like this APPLE CUTTER.


Finally, it’s time to face the insufferably long lines.

But even worse is the realization that you have, once again, bought far too much crap.

So you swipe your credit card and shed a single tear.

You cart the stuff out to your car, knowing it’ll never fit.

But you try and try and, finally, you succeed!

Next time, bring a friend! You two will be very close by the end of the day.

But really, what would a trip to Ikea be without its challenges?

Ahhhh, the beautiful sign of a stressful day at Ikea well spent.

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