Mind-Blowing Documentaries That You Can Find On YouTube And Watch For Free (13 pics)

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The Illusion of Time – Theory of Relativity

55 Minutes

If you were ever confused by the Theory of Relativity and you had some questions about reality, this is the doc for you. Based on Brian Greene’s book “The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality,” it really dumbs down the concepts of spacetime and gives us a basic understanding of past, present and future.

Watch it HERE!

Quantum Theory

55 Minutes

Another video by Brian Greene, where he tries to simplify complex concepts into something we can understand. Basically the quantum world is the wild west of things that we used to think were impossible, becoming possible. It’s a trippy look into the smallest possible universe of things.

Watch it HERE!

String Theory & M-Theory

54 Minutes

Brian Greene comes back with another look at the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory, and how the work together to create the Theory of Everything. This explains the universe. Watch this and you’ll be all powerful (or at least understand more about the world we live in, and maybe, you can figure out how to get those god-like powers).

Watch it HERE!

Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell

42 Minutes

Imagine if there was one equation that would explain the entire universe; that’d be the most powerful piece of math ever. Dr. Michio Kaku introduces us to various concepts that can help distill the nature of the universe into something as simple as Einstein’s e=MC squared. Because of Einstein’s contributions to physics, other scientists have unlocked string theory, the nature of existence and most importantly, the multiverse. Imagine if you could find out that there were multiple versions of you out there, and what the possibilities could be. Mind=Blown.

Catch that one HERE!

The Simulation Hypothesis

50 Minutes

Ever wonder how true The Matrix was? Are we actually living in a simulation and is everything a sophisticated virtual reality? And if so, would we ever be able to tell or break out? Makes you wonder if we could actually unplug ourselves or even ‘hack’ reality to change things. This documentary looks at all the evidence, with experts from the world of physics, cosmology, math and info sciences to break that down. Keep an eye out for an appearance from Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

This one made my brain hurt. Watch it HERE!

Quantum Entanglement Documentary – Atomic Physics and Reality

40 Minutes

This documentary looks at the long standing debate between Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein over the concept of atomic phenomena, entanglement and the uncertainty principle. There’s also a little chaos theory thrown in, for you Ian Malcolm fans.

Check it out HERE!

Where Do We Go After Death?

44 Minutes

This has got to be the oldest question, and if you’ve got a faith that you adhere to, then you know what the afterlife is supposed to look like. But what about for the rest of us. Is there actually a life after death? There’s actually scientists out there who want to explore this idea and see what happens when we die, and if that’s truly the end.

Loved this one. Check it out HERE!

From the Big Bang to the Present Day

1 Hour; 28 Minutes

This encompasses everything from the time the universe started until now, and all the stuff that’s happened since. That’s 230 Million years of cool shit, broken down by famous scientists and archeologists. Bring up any of this info at the dinner table and you’ll be the smartest one there (unless your uncle’s an actual evolutionary biologist or something… then just tap out..). This is one of the few on this list you really shouldn’t miss out on. It’s fascinating.

Click HERE to watch it.

The Search for Earthlike Planets

27 Minutes

Six years ago NASA sent the Kepler Spacecraft out into the great beyond to find earth-sized planets that are orbiting other stars. What it’s found is a large body of 150,000 stars that is 3,000 light years away from us, and gives us an idea of whether or not it’s a viable idea to find an earth like ours and begs the question; is our Earth a unique garden of eden in the universe, or are there more beings like us out there?

Check it out HERE!

Light, Darkness and Colours

51 Minutes

Did you ever wonder if we all see colours the same way? Is what I see as blue, the same thing that someone else sees as blue, or do we see it all differently? Looking at the Theory of Colours put forth by Goethe, this looks at how light refracts and what colours, shades and the absence of colour mean for the universe. Colours and light never seemed to crucial to the function of the universe, as it does here.

Watch it HERE!

Last Day of the Dinosaurs

56 Minutes

Sure, we’ve heard about the astroid hit that caused climate change and made the dinosaurs die off, but this documentary breaks that down with an analysis of that extinction event. Following that, it looks at what did survive to carry on that dinosaur linage today.

Check it out HERE!

Future of Energy 2050

43 Minutes

By the year 2050, the world’s population will be close to 9 billion, and the demand on the earths energy resources will be immeasurable. But this documentary has a solution, that we can implement now to ensure that 40 years from now, we’ll be ok. The stuff in this one is brilliant!

Check it out HERE!

Birth of a Black Hole

25 Minutes

One of the greatest mysteries in science is the black hole and recently, astronomers saw a series of brief but extremely bright flashes of ultra-high energy coming from space. First spotted by spy satellites in the 1960’s. It then took 3 decades and leaps in technology to figure out that they’d seen the birth of a black hole.

Watch it HERE!




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