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These People Fail In 2016 Almost To The Point Of No Return (26 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   20 Dec 2016   / 5362 views

This man who just had a simple mix-up.

Hannah and her massive printer.

This guy who got himself into a bit of a pickle.

This girl who just didn’t think.

This mistake that anyone could make.

This woman and her dog who maybe needs to hit the gym.

This girl and her evil family.

The person who delivers the Norwich Extra.

This poor, poor dog.

This mom, who didn’t realise some things are best left unknown.

This hungry Facebook commenter.

This mum who will never rely on autocorrect again.

And this son who quickly saved what could have been a disastrous mistake.

This woman who just learnt an important life lesson.

This man, who thought he was being so subtle.

This babysitter, who didn’t know children could do this stuff.

This cat, who hates his new accessor

Annie, who just wanted to check in…

This housemate, who just wanted some chips for tea.

This responsible sister, who will proofread all emails from now on.

Callum, who’s thrown away this shirt.

Lewis, who realised his mistake a minute too late.

Heidi, who might have dumped her boyfriend by now.

Emily, who should always check the reviews.

This stepdad, who doesn’t understand the concept of group messages.

And this mam, who kind of missed the point.

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