Find Out Who Was The Richest Amongst American Celebs In 2016 (22 pics)

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20. Kathy Ireland

Net worth: $360 million

Key source of fortune: Licensing empire Kathy Ireland Worldwide

Future growth: The former supermodel continues to expand her offerings, now including branded office furniture and a handbag line.

Star-worthy asset: A jewelry collection worth some$25 million

19. Barbra Streisand

Net worth: $370 million

Key source of fortune: Record sales

Future growth? Investments could pay off: Her Malibu, California, compound, which she reportedly bought for less than $20 million, is nearing $100 million in value.

Star-worthy asset: Grammy, Tony, Oscar and Emmy awards

18. Phil Mickelson

Net worth: $375 million

Key source of fortune:Golf and endorsements

Future growth? His best days on the course may be behind him, bu this fortune will grow modestly thanks to ongoing eight-figure sponsorships.

Star-worthy asset: All the hardware that comes with 42 PGA Tour victories, including five major championships

17. Rush Limbaugh

Net worth: $400 million

Key source of fortune: Radio

Future growth? His eponymous show continues to be the most distributed syndicated program on the air, but earnings look set to dip.

Star-worthy asset: His $51 million Palm Beach, Florida, mansion

16. Jon Bon Jovi

Net worth: $410 million

Key source of fortune: Decades on the road

Future growth? Having sold out football stadiums nationwide, he’s now said to be eyeing a potentially lucrative investment in an NFL franchise.

Star-worthy asset: His $8 million home in the Hamptons

15. Howard Stern

Net worth: $450 million

Key source of fortune: Radio

Future growth? Airwave earnings may have peaked for potty-mouthed host, but Stern’s digital efforts—apps, video streaming—could hold promise.

Star-worthy asset: A $53 million spread in Palm Beach, Florida

14. Bruce Springsteen

Net worth: $460 million

Key source of fortune: Grossed more than $1.5 billion over decades of touring

Future growth? Even as he pushes 70, the Boss continues to sell out wherever he plays.

Star-worthy asset: A 200-acre horse farm worth $10 million–plus in Colts Neck, New Jersey

13. Jimmy Buffett

Net worth: $550 million

Key source of fortune: Margaritaville restaurants, hotels and casinos

Future growth? As long as people enjoy being drunk on the beach, expect the Margaritaville empire to continue to expand.

Star-worthy asset: String of bars named after hit song with Alan Jackson “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”

12. Madonna

Net worth: $560 million

Key source of fortune: Career touring gross: an estimated $1.4 billion

Future growth? If she keeps touring, fans will keep buying tickets.

Star-worthy asset: Her triple-wide Manhattan town house

11. Jay Z

Net worth: $610 million

Key source of fortune: Roc Nation entertainment company

Future growth? Streaming startup Tidal has grown substantially in value since he bought it for $56 million in 2015. It could go under—or become the next Beats.

Star-worthy asset: A $20 million penthouse in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood

10. Jerry Seinfeld

Net worth: $670 million

Key source of fortune: Syndication checks from his eponymous sitcom, plus standup touring income

Future growth? Still earns big on the road, even as Seinfeld residuals decline.

Star-worthy asset: His enormous car collection

9. James Patterson

Net worth: $700 million

Key source of fortune: Books

Future growth? Prolific output helped him record career-high earnings of $95 million in 2016; reader demand for his work shows no signs of slowing.

Star-worthy asset: $23 million home in Palm Beach, Florida

8. Dr. Dre

Net worth: $710 million

Key source of fortune: Apple’s$3 billion 2014 purchase of Beats

Future growth? The remainder of his Beats payment in the form of Apple stock could certainly turnout to be lucrative.

Star-worthy asset: His back catalog of hip-hop hits, including “Nuthin’ but a G Thang”

7. Tiger Woods

Net worth: $740 million

Key source of fortune: Golf and endorsements

Future growth? Unlikely to re-create his best year’s income (2008, $115 million) but will continue to earn big.

Star-worthy asset: His $60 million Jupiter Island, Florida, home

6. Diddy

Net worth: $750 million

Key source of fortune: Parlayed 1990s hip-hop stardom into a diversified empire, including a partnership with Diageo’s Cîroc vodka

Future growth? The vodka market has largely leveled off, but DeLeón tequila, which Diddy owns with Diageo, could compensate.

Star-worthy asset: Controlling stake in Revolt TV

5. David Copperfield

Net worth: $850 million

Key source of fortune: Decades of illusionist earnings that he has invested in the world’s largest collection of magic artifacts

Future growth? Continues to conjure big money with Las Vegas shows; 2016 marked his biggest year to date.

Star-worthy asset: An enclave of 11 private Bahamian islands

4. Michael Jordan

Net worth: $1.2 billion

Key source of fortune: Jordan brand

Future growth? Nike forecasts annual brand revenue to increase by 61%, to $4.5 billion, by 2020.

Star-worthy asset: The NBA’s Charlotte Hornets

3. Oprah Winfrey

Net worth: $2.8 billion

Key source of fortune: Harpo Productions

Future growth? Ratings at former talk-show queen’s OWN cable network finally rose this year, but Weight Watchers stock—of which she owns 10%—is suffering.

Star-worthy asset: More than 565 acres of property in the Maui mountains

2. Steven Spielberg

Net worth: $3.7 billion

Key source of fortune: DreamWorks

Future growth? Relaunched production venture Amblin Partners with $325 million in financing; signed pact with Jack Ma’s Alibaba Pictures to co-produce films.

Star-worthy asset: A cut of Universal themeparks revenue since 1987

1. George Lucas

Net worth: $4.6 billion

Key source of fortune: Lucasfilm’s $4.1 billion sale to Disney in 2012

Future growth? Star Wars creator has largely retired from filmmaking and now has little to do with the franchise. His fortune may dip due to charitable giving.

Star-worthy asset: His reportedly 6,000-acre Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California

Near Misses

Kobe Bryant, Ryan Seacrest and Judge Judy Sheindlin were among the celebrities who narrowly missed the $360 million net worth cut off.


To compile net worths, we valued those who hold private companies by speaking with an array of outside experts and conservatively comparing the companies with public competitors. We calculated the stakes in public companies using stock prices from December 5. For entertainers, we based our estimates on net lifetime earnings. Real estate, art and other assets were also factored in where applicable. To be eligible for this list, celebrities had to be American citizen who had gotten rich off their fame, rather than become famous for their wealth. We attempted to vet these numbers with all list members. Some cooperated; some didn’t.






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