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Animals Can Fail Even Better Than Humans Do (45 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   11 Jan 2017   / 3942 views

A Mouse That Went Into Mission Impossible Mode In My House

Never Let Go, Rose, Never Let Go

Just A Seal That Ran Into The Glass

Optimistic Goose

She Never Thought The Toilet Paper Roll Would Fight Back

I Love Manatees Because They Are So Majestic

Poor Doggo


My Fat Hamster Stuck In A Tube

I've Made A Huge Mistake

What Else Can Happen To Make This Day Even Worse?

What Ball?

Swallow Swallowing A Swallow

Inbred Pidgeon

Panda Baby Faceplant

I Left You Alone For Five Minutes

When Your Dinner Fights Back

No, It's Not Just A Stage! This Is Real Me

Ground Squirrel Too Fat To Enter His Cave

Pandas Probably Were Endangered For A Reason

You've Missed One Spot In Your Camouflage

Get It Off, Get It Off


My Dad And Brother Found This Little Fatty Stuck In A Tree While Golfing. They Had To Wiggle Him Out By His Little Legs But They Saved Him

Here's A Stink-Bomb For You

Sammy's Graceful Descent Down The Stairs. Birds Are Magnificent

I Cannot See!

My Cat Took My Brothers Valentines Day Sucker

I Bought My Dog, Nes, A New Giant Bone And She Won't Go Anywhere Without It. Including To Poops

Who's That?

Something Went Wrong

Wrong Prey

Holiday Of Polar Ranger

I Love Holidays!

It’s Funny How The Buffalo Can Go From Majestic & A Little Scary To Completely Stupid-Looking In A Matter Of Seconds

I See You're Muddy Pupper, And I Raise You Mine

Confused Raccoon Escaping Out Of Zoo's Lemur Enclosure Where He Accidentally Broke In

Seems Like That Cat Is In A Sticky Situation!

Look Where My Buddy Got Stuck This Morning

A Polar Bear Cub Looks At An Adult Polar Bear Resting With A Bucket On Its Head In The Cooling Waters Of A Pool

Raccoon Stuck In An Army Tank

Oh Well

Gourmand Cat


Little Guy Is Stuck

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