Check Out These Amazing Scientific Findings Of The Last Years That Completely Change The Way We’ve Seen Our World (15 pics)

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There’s no better butter than bog butter

County Meath, Ireland

Ok, bog butter sounds kinda gross, but it’s actually no different from our butter. Made from dairy or tallow/animal fats, it was buried the bog to preserve it as peat bogs have low temperatures, low oxygen and other preservative properties.

Usually they were buried in a case, but this was just placed in the bog as is, perhaps as an offering. Those that discovered it, say it smells and feels like butter, but might taste a little more cheesy. In any case, I don’t think this 2,000 year old, 22 lb hunk of butter is ever going to get tasted. Would you?

Read all about it HERE!

Being a fugitive for 48 years is a long time, bro

Sherman, Connecticut

In 1968, Robert Stackowitz escaped a low-security prison work camp, serving a 17-year sentence for a 1966 robbery. One day, he saw his chance and escaped.

48 years later he made a mistake and applied for social security under his real name. Until then, he’d spent 26 years as “Robert Gordon, the boat repair guy.” At 71, he was too tired to run and was pretty calm when the took him in. At that age, 3 hots and a cot doesn’t sound too bad anyways.

Read more HERE!

An underwater locomotive that’s been lost for 106 years

Lake Superior, Ontario

In 1910, Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive No. 694 was moving along, when it collided with rocks on the tracks. The crash sent the train into Lake Superior, taking the lives of 3 crewmen, after falling 60 feet into the water.

In 2014, shipwreck hunters were looking for lost ships, when they came across the rest of the train, but the locomotive remained elusive. In August of 2016, the The-engine-that-could-have-made-it-if-it-wasn’t-for-rocks was found.

Find out more about it HERE!

Two adventurers solve a mystery of a lost black box

Illimani, Bolivia

Eastern Airlines flight 980 crashed in the mountains in 1985, and since then no one’s bothered to try to find the black box to find out what happened. That wasn’t good enough for two adventure buddies and they set out to solve the mystery.

Check out our post on that HERE!

Someone found 70 hidden cave paintings, dated from 14,500 years ago. Whoa!

Undisclosed location near Bilbao, Spain.

Atxurra cave was first discovered in the 1920’s, but recent surveys have found uncovered drawings of horses, goats, and bison from the Upper Palaeolithic period. These were found close to 1,000 feet into the cave and 13 feet above the cave floor.

And there’s still many other chambers to discover. Find out more HERE!

It doesn’t look like you have mushroom there, buddy

North Dorchester, Ontario

Don Smith, an 84-year-old grandfather, loves going out foraging for Puffball mushrooms. Last year, he found one that was 15lbs, 20 inches of pure mushroom goodness. Funnily enough though, he doesn’t even like mushrooms, so he gave it away.

That’s not even the record though. The largest mushroom ever found was 66.5 inch, discovered in England in 2010. Don’t worry Don, to us, you’re still a fungi.

More HERE!

The two fugitive Capybaras that eluded Toronto for weeks

Toronto, Ontario

Much like New York, Toronto’s got a park in the middle of the city with a zoo. Somehow a pair of Capybaras escaped. Now they look cute, but they’re actually 150 pounds of furry fury if they’re agitated. The two that escaped were only 6 months old, so they were only 30 pounds.

When they were being unloaded into their cage, they escaped, spending a month eluding capture within High Park. Finally, after a lot of searching and leaving trails of corn, they were found and put back home. Poor guys.

More details HERE, if you want ’em.

Introducing the largest and deadliest Nile Crocodile of Nopes

Homestead, Florida

Can anyone figure this out? I mean Florida’s got crocs, but these 16 foot long beasts are responsible for 200 deaths each and every year in sub-Saharan Africa. The usual American crocodile are scary, but not this scary.

Florida herpetologists suspect that these guys have been imported for attractions (such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom) or illegally as pets. But somehow they got loose and now there out in the Everglades breeding, growing and taking out the natural American crocs.

Who knew we had to worry about invasive Killer Crocs. Someone call Batman.

More details HERE!

The Great White nightmare nursery of nope

Montauk, New York

After tracking tagged sharks for years, researchers were able to find out one of their birthing grounds. With the hope of figuring out where they were most vulnerable, researchers want to find ways to protect the creatures, and learn more about juvenile sharks.

They were hoping to find one or two baby sharks, but instead found nine. Looks like Jaws might be ready for some revenge, with his kids.

Read the story HERE!

The lost burial tomb of the first Catholic priest to visit the Aztec Empire, lost since 1642

Mexico City, Mexico

Back in the 16th century, Father Miguel de Palomares was one if the first Catholic priests to come to Mexico from Spain. When the Spanish tore down Aztec temples to build churches on those same sites, he was buried in one of them, underneath a heavy stone.

Recently, a construction crew was digging holes for lamp posts and they came across this slab. As old churches were torn down to make bigger ones, his burial site was forgotten to time.

Read more HERE!

A giant coral reef is uncovered in the Amazon

Mouth of the Amazon River

Normally coral reefs are found in crystal clear waters in tropical climates, not the mouth of a muddy river. Turns out, there is one there though.

At over 600 miles long and covering 3,600 square miles, it’s covered by the silty flow of the Amazon, but still allows for the photosynthetic symbiotes of the reef to do their thing. Where no light is found, then the reef’s got sponges and carnivorous fish to defend it.

Read more about it HERE!

The Awesome Jurassic graveyard of Patagonia

Patagonia, Argentina

There’s a giant dinosaur graveyard of awesomeness hiding in Argentina, stretching across 23,000 square miles of Patagonia. This area is known for it’s fertile fossil records, and while the site was actually discovered 4 years ago, it was only revealed in 2016 (as palaeontologists keep site locations secret to prevent looting).

What they found were macro and micro fossils from huge dines to fungi and worms from 140 million years ago.

Find more HERE!

Turns out there is a monster in the Loch Ness

Loch Ness, Scotland

Okay, it’s not actually real. Built for a movie in 1970 called The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, it was a man made, mechanical version. Originally it was 30 feet long and had two humps, but the director didn’t like the look of it. Not knowing that the humps added buoyancy, they had them removed and the model sunk.

Now with the marvels of modern robotics, it was found 600 feet down. So there you have it, there really is a Nessie in the Loch Ness.

Read more HERE!

Someone stuffed an old map from the 1600’s into a chimney

Edinburgh, Scotland

Measuring seven feet by five feet, the map, backed by canvas, has views of magnificent cities and was an expensive and powerful symbol of status.

But then times changed and it was rolled up and stuff up a chimney. Recently, it was given to the National Library of Scotland, in terrible condition. Attacked by mice and bugs, it was brittle, fragmented and faded. But with painstaking work, the museum was able to restore parts of it.

Read the story HERE, and watch a video about it HERE!

Hey Columbus, the Vikings discovered North America first

Point Rosee, Newfoundland

So far, only one Viking settlement has been found in North America at L’Anse aux Meadows. Using satellite imagery, scientists may have found another. Archaeologist Sarah Parcak is pioneering a new tech called space archeology, where you look at satellite imagery to find hot spots, and she’s found one with evidence of turf walls and iron slag; trademarks of the Vikings.

Now no longer are the stories of Vikings coming here legendary fables, but quite possibly, truth.

More HERE!



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