Adulthood Has Done Wonders For These Celebrities. The Difference Is Stunning! (17 pics)

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Jake Gyllenhaal

Once a puny doe-eyed youngster, Jake Gyllenhaal has not only become a talented actor but a professional heartbreaker as well. He regularly tops the lists of the most eligible bachelors and hottest and most handsome men on the planet. He’s already had affairs with half of the female stars in Hollywood, but no beauty has yet managed to conquer his heart for good.

Richard Madden

Richard began appearing in movies at the age of 11 — back when he was just starting to get rid of his chubby cheeks. The peak of Madden’s acting career came with the role of Robb Stark in the Game of Thrones TV series.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

You might find this impossible to believe, but the shaggy and clumsy Dave Lizewski from the movie Kick-Ass and the handsome Vronsky from the recent adaptation of Anna Karenina were played by one and the same actor!

Zac Efron

Zac is only 29, yet he already can boast a 15-year career in the movies. And, from one onscreen appearance to another, he just gets more and more good looking.

Matthew Lewis

Matthew grew up right before our eyes playing Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter saga. The chubby boy with uneven teeth has suddenly transformed into the hunk from the Hugo Boss adverts. Magic wands really must exist!

Chris Evans

Who would have thought that this ordinary teenager would go on to play Captain America in The Avengers? Since his childhood, Chris dreamed about being in movies. He is one of those lucky few whose dreams have come true.

Sebastian Stan

As a teenager, this Romanian-American actor appeared in modest roles in TV shows. Nowadays, Sebastian is an integral part of the Marvel cinematic universe. He plays Bucky Barnes in The Avengers.

Daniel Sharman

Daniel once was an unremarkable teenager, playing episodic characters in TV series. But now he is undaunted by any role, including that of the god Ares in Immortals.

Josh Peck

Josh Peck became famous thanks to playing chubby teens in comedy series like Drake & Josh. Then one day he hired a personal trainer, went on a diet, and soon turned into a slim and handsome individual. Josh’s latest movie performances include characters in The Wackness and Red Dawn.

Nicholas Hoult

Back in his childhood, Nicholas starred with Hugh Grant in the movie About a Boy. These days he seems ready to give Hugh a run for his money. Most recently, Nicholas has appeared in Warm Bodies and the X-Men movie series.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is the permanent host of the television show American Idol. In 2009, he became the highest-paid reality show presenter in history, signing a contract for $45 million.

Liam Payne

As a teenager, Liam often suffered the jeers of his classmates. At the age of 12, he joined a basketball team. Today, Liam is one of the five members of the famous British-Irish band, "One Direction."

Henry Cavill

It turns out that back in his school days this future Superman used to have a nickname: "Fat Cavill." Well, Henry, where are all those taunters now?

Jude Law

Looking at photos of Jude in his childhood, it is difficult to believe that this boy has grown up to be the biggest heartbreaker in Hollywood!

Joe Manganiello

Once gangly and bespectacled, Joe Manganiello has now become one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood. His acting successes include the TV series True Blood and movies like Magic Mike and Justice League. He is the husband of the beautiful Sofia Vergara.

Justin Timberlake

When Justin got rid of his weird peroxide curls, his career took off. Now he is one of the most successful music performers on the planet. Not to mention an actor, a dancer, a composer, and a happy husband and father.

Craig David
It is so hard to imagine that these photos show one and the same person, but you’d better believe it! British singer and songwriter Craig David not only conquered the world’s music charts but also won the struggle with himself to achieve the perfect body.






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