Emma Stone You Never Knew Before (11 pics + 1 gif)

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Emma is not her real name

Emma was born Emily Jean Stone. In screen actors guild, there was already registration for an “Emily Stone”, so she went with Emma.

Her raspy voice has a backstory

A very colicky baby, the constant screeching led to the development of Nodules in her thyroid and vocal cords.

She’s a natural blonde

As natural as Emma’s hair looks red, she was born blonde.

She dropped out of High School

At just 15 years old, Emma quit her Phoenix Catholic High School and moved to L.A. to focus on her acting.

She had an asthma attack filming a sex scene

The wheezing starlet required an oxygen mask to be brought onto set to treat the attack and get her breathing normalized.

She was on a reality TV show

Emma appeared as a contestant on VH1’s In Search of the New Partridge Family!

She dated Spider-Man

Emma dated Andrew Garfield for 6 years after they met filming the Amazing Spider-Man in 2011.

She’s played Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend three times

The pair, who are really close friends in real life, appeared in Crazy, Stupid Love in 2011, Gangster Squad in 13′ and 2016’s La La Land.

She’s got quite a few phobias

Emma struggles with anxiety related panic attacks and has opened up about her struggles with fear, specifically needles.

She broke both of her arms in a gymnastics accident

When she was 7 years-old she broke both arms in a gymnastic routine gone wrong.

She’s part of Taylor Swift’s posse

Taylor and Emma first met back in 2011, at the Young Hollywood Awards for Hollywood magazine. The girls have been close friends ever since.

Emma has hosted SNL three times

She hosted the iconic late night show in 2010, 2011 and most recently, in 2016, following the U.S. Presidential Election.


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