Why, Grandma, Oh Why?! (49 pics)

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My 90-year Old Grandma Mailed A Homemade Vest For Me To "Wear To Parties". It's...Amazing

Asked For New Hats, Grandma Did Not Disappoint

Grandma Crocheted A Shark Blanket

My 84-Year-Old Grandmother Apologized For Having To Wear Her Nightgown In Front Of Us. I Said It Was No Problem And That It Actually Looked Very Comfortable, So She Immediately Offered One To Me. It's Not Like I Could Have Rejected This Generous Gift...

My Grandma Made Me A Photo Album For My Graduation Gift

Birthday Present From My Grandma. She Gets It, Man

My Friend Just Got His Christmas Present From His Grandmother

When Grandma Gives You Jeep Accessories

So My Name Is Brodie Jonas Dean, My Grandma Found This Shirt For Me Thinking It Was A Great Coincidence. Thanks Grandma

Grandma Bought Me A New Coffee Mug For Work. "You Know, Because It Looks Like Poop And I Know You Think That's Funny"

My Grandmother Made Me This After I Showed Her A Similar Picture!

My Grandma Rules!

Grandma Sent Me This In The Mail. Slowest Picture Message Ever

My Grandma Bought Me A New Shirt Today. I'm 34

My 7 Yr Old Daughter Asked For Fingerless Gloves With Flowers On Them. Grandma Delivered

My Grandma Bought Me This, She Knows What's Up

My Grandma Believes This Is An "Acceptable" Blanket For A 24 Year Old Man To Sleep Under While In Town. I'm Totally Cool With It

My Grandma Got Me This Shirt, I Don't Think She Gets It

My Friends Grandma Or G-Ma Got Him This Present For Christmas

My Bro Told My Grandma, Jokingly, He Wanted 100 Things From The Dollar Store For Christmas, Grandma Doesnt Like Being Challenged

I Am 'Middle-Aged'. I Am 'A Professional' & I Only 'Dine Out' At Lunch. G'ma Has Alzhimers & This Lunchbox Is My Bday Gift. Thankyou Grandma, For Showing Me-I've Become 1 Of 'Those Kind' Of Assholes. I'll Proudly Be Taking My Scoobydoo Lunch Tomorrow!

My Traditional Grandma Found Out I Moved In With My Boyfriend... So This Was Her Christmas Gift

Love This Gift From My Grandma. She Is So Sweet

Opened My Present From Grandma Early. I Think This Present Was Intended For One Of My Girl Cousins, But I'm Keepin' It

Grandma's Gift Was On Point!

Grandma's Scrabble Quilt

My Great Aunt Had Pillows Made From My Grandma Rosie's Old Shirts That She Used To Wear... Best Gift By Far

My Brother In His New Christmas Gift. Thanks Grandma!

My Grandma Gave Me A Mug

My 94 Year Old Great Grandma Made This For Me Because She Said Is Too Cold. It's 80° Outside

My Grandmother Made Me Some Scarf Thing

My Grandma Got My Brother This Card For His Birthday Because It Said He Was "Cool"

I Told My Grandma I Was Into Gaming. This Was My Christmas Present. Thanks Grandma!

My Grandma Made This For Me

Thanks Grandma, But It's Clint...

Briefly Mentioned To My Granny That I Was Stressed About Money. She Sent Me $8 :)

My Grandma Said I Could Have Her Old TV So I Could "Finally Play Some Video Games"

My Grandma Sent Me A Birthday Present..i Think It's Awesome. Btw I'm A 26yr Old Guy

My 12 Year Old Niece Does Duct Tape Crafts. Her Grandma Bought This For Her Birthday

Every Year My Grandma Gives Is Money In Crazy Ways. Money Stuck In Maze Games, Tapes Between Toilet Paper Sheets On A Roll. This Year I Present Money Cake

My Crooked Eyed Granny Knit Me Some Socks For Christmas

My Very Religious Grandma Got Me My Favorite Christmas Present Ever

My Grandmother Just Got Me This For "Christmas." Despite Being Not All There, She Nailed It

I Asked My Grandma For A Stamp, She Gave Me These..

Grandma Gift Gone Wrong

My Grandma Always Sends The Coolest Birthday/Christmas Gifts

So My Grandma Gave Me All Of Her Used Soap

My Grandma Made This Cake For My Brother's Baby Shower. She's Cool Af

Am I Too Late For Inappropriate Christmas Gifts From Grandma? She's 82 And Gave This To Me. I've Never Even Heard Her Swear

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