All Of This Was The Pinnacle Of Entertainment For Kids Way Before Anything Digital Existed… (22 pics)

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Standing in front of the toy display at McDonald’s trying to figure out which toy you want with your Happy Meal.

Whether it was in computer class or you were simply messing around at home, there was always some great satisfaction in becoming a modern day Picasso.

The satisfaction of throwing together some unreal LEGO structure.

Heading down to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters ready to escape the piles of homework you had left at home in order to blast some space aliens.

Playgrounds were kingdoms of fun that presented endless possibilities. You could either do things like pretend you run an entire empire with your friends, or you could play cops n’ robbers!

Playing Nicky Nicky 9 Doors with your pals and booking it as fast as you could.

Playing M.A.S.H. to figure out what your future had in store.

Playing games like tag and hide and seek in the dark. Sure, you took the risk of getting in trouble when you trespass on your neighbours yard, but the risk was half the fun.

Running to Blockbuster in the hopes of renting the latest flicks on the ‘new releases’ rack. There’s also that wave of fear that rushes over us when we realized that we were supposed to return the video yesterday. Don’t forget to rewind the tapes first.

Making binoculars with old toilet paper rolls.

Escaping reality with some pillows and blankets.

Discovering the magic (albeit annoying for everyone else) ability to blow bubbles in your milk.

Nowadays most of us use Saturdays to sleep in. Remember when we’d get up as early as we can specifically to plop ourselves in front of the tube and watch some Saturday morning toons?

Water fights! Remember that feeling of sheer excitement when you were filling up the balloons and pumping up your gun?

We all got fancy and drew the sun in the corner, don’t deny it.

Remember the times when you had to walk or bike to your buddies place to find out if they were available to hang out? Some of us might have even put a playing card against the spokes of our back wheel to make a cool sound that let every one know you were biking down the block.

If I recall correctly, these things were called cootie catchers.

Rolling some paper towel in your hand long enough that it becomes soft and frilly.

Climbing trees felt like climbing mountains. Once you were at the top you were the king of the world.

There used to be a time where you couldn’t go to anyone’s house and not find a closet filled with board games. With the digital era, it’s understandable that board games aren’t so big anymore, but man, they’re always a good time.

Okay, this picture is a little dated. But still, remember the days when your favourite song would finally pop up on the radio on on Much Music? That’s when it was time to stop everything and dance! It was a real treat, whereas nowadays we can just look up any song we want and play it anytime.

Playing with nothing but our imaginations. When we were younger, our imaginations ran wild. Puddles were oceans filled with monsters and the carpet was lava ready to melt us in an instant. It’s too bad that a lot of us tend to lose that sense of imagination and wonder along the way. Maybe things seemed so must simpler back then because we never took things so damn seriously. Think about it, maybe we should all take a step back and let our imaginations run wild again.




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