You Never Know What You Can Find In Your Own House… (30 pics)

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Gravestones - A woman found old headstones from the 1800's underneath her stepping stones in her backyard while she was gardening.

Old Coin - An interesting old coin that someone found in their backyard while cutting grass.

Treasure Trove - Andreas K. from Wiener Neustadt, Austria found a treasure-trove of 650-year-old jewels while digging to expand a small pond in his backyard. It contained over 200 rings, brooches, ornate belt buckles, gold-plated silver plates and other pieces or fragments.

The Long Lost Audio Tapes of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Steven Tull found audio tapes of a conversation between his father and Martin Luther King, Jr. It turns out his father interviewed King in 1960 for a book about the Civil Rights movement that never came out.

Golf Ball - An interesting golf ball from 1899 dug up and found in the Bronx. Perhaps once upon a time it was actually white.

A Live Korean Missile - A couple in St. Francis, Wisconsin found a live 20-inch-long Korean missile with a 5-inch explosive head inside of their bathroom wall while they were remodeling. The couple carefully carried the missile outside and left it there for the bomb squad to detonate. The neighbors claimed that the home's previous owner was a man that served in both World War II and the Korean War.

A Masive Gold Nugget - A man from California used a metal detector in his backyard to find a 8.2 pound lump of gold in 2011. He was able to sell the gold at an auction for $460,000 but remained anonymous so that no one would go digging around for gold on his property. Geologists claimed there was a 100% chance that there's more gold on that land.

A $5 Million Figurine - A random figurine of a former Russian czar was found in someone's home that ended up being worth $5 million at an auction.

400 Year Old Church Bells. - A man from Czech Republic found two large church bells while he was digging up dirt in his backyard to install pipes. He later found out that the bells were actually stolen 11 years prior from a church nearby.

Cheetah - A nine-year-old boy from Hamerton, Cambridgeshire, U.K., found a cheetah in his house's garden. The predator had actually broke free from a nearby animal sanctuary.

Fully Equiped Bomb Shelter - Chris and Colleen Otcasek bought a house in California that had a fallout shelter in the backyard. It turns out the shelter was a time capsule built in 1961 during the Cold War by nuclear engineer Alvin Kaufman.

Hidden Safe - A couple found a bottle of bourbon from 1960, a copy of the book "A Guide for the Perplexed" by E.F. Schumacher, and $51,080 in a 50-year-old safe that was hidden in behind their kitchen wall.

Mummy - Ten-year-old Alexander Kettler discovered a mummy in his grandmother's attic. The mummy was encased inside a sarcophagus with hieroglyphic adornments. It was actually obtained by Kettler's grandfather as a souvenir from a trip to North Africa in the 1950's. The mummy was taken to a hospital in Hamburg, Germany for testing to find out whether or not it's a real mummy.

200 Pound Alligator - The massive alligator was found in someone's basement. If I saw that thing in my home, I'd run out the door screaming and never come back.

Van Gogh Painting - A very fortunate Norwegian family found an unsigned Van Gogh painting in their attic. If you found such a painting, would you keep it or sell it?

A Hidden Kitchen For Servants - An entire servants' kitchen was found in a home's basement. The home was in the family for generations but the kitchen had been hidden behind a door behind a bunch of old junk.

A $175,000 Comic - After a wall was demolished in a home, a copy of the first issue of Action Comics was found. It ended up selling for $175,000 later at an auction.

Creepy Ancient Chapel - A family found an ancient chapel underneath their house. Depending on your perspective, this chapel could come off either terrifyingly creepy or amazing.

The Head of a King - A journalist found the head of King Henry IV (dead since 1610) in the attic of dead notorious French tax collector, Jacques Bellanger, after he heard rumors that Bellanger collected and kept odd things.

A Stolen Stradivarius - The violin (worth $5 million) was found and recovered in an attic thanks to a tip from a local weapons shop. The violin was originally stolen from top first violinist for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Frank Almond, by an assailant with a taser gun.

WWII Tank - A wealthy German man in the suburb of Heikendorf, was found to own several WWII arms, including a WWII-era Panzer tank (tucked away in his basement), German cannon and torpedo.

Creepy Well - A well was found at the bottom of someone's home. Who knows what's at the bottom of the creepy thing!

Rare Mural - A mural by Keith Haring in the seventies was found in a home. It turns out that the home used to be a property of the Visual School of Art in Manhattan when Haring painted the mural.

Nazi Christmas Decorations - These disgusting Nazi ornaments were found, some displaying the swastika others in the literal shape of Hitler's head.

Stuffed Cat - A stuffed cat was found in an attic. From afar, it looks like a real live cat but up close it's possibly one of the scariest things I've ever seen.

Baby Photo - Not sure if that kid is possessed or what, but you have to admit that is a creepy baby photo.

Grim Reaper - A grim reaper costume was already put together and set up when it was found in a home. Makes you wonder what the previous home owners were into.

Dead Chickens Stuffed Into Walls - The Bretzius family found chicken carcasses stuffed in their walls in Pennsylvania. A local historian proposed that the dead chickens were perhaps a part of some "Dutch magic" that was used to heal ailments and remove evil spirits. Clearing out the chickens for the Bretzius, however, was the real nightmare as it cost them about $20,000 and several years to finish the task.

Gold Bars - The heir to a property in Normandy was in for a treat once he moved into his new land. He found a hidden treasure of gold coins, bars, and ingots inside the house. He ended up selling it all for over $3.5 million.

400 Barrels Of Toxic Waste - In February 2017, a man in Ontario discovered 400 barrels of toxic waste hidden behind the walls on his property. He had originally only discovered 400, but found an extra 400 barrels after knocking down the wall (making a total of 800 found barrels). John Currie, the building's past owner, was known for inappropriate waste disposal when he operated a tar product business there.





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