Animals Have Their First Times Too! (50 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       10 Mar 2017       5475       GALLERY VIEW

First Time Seeing A Kangaroo

Meeting Little Kittens For The First Time

This Cat Discovers Snow For The First Time

I Just Rescued This Beautiful Girl, And She Is Sleeping Inside For The First Time In Her Life

Guy Bought And Using A Vacuum The First Time

We Forgot To Tell Our Cat That We Had A Baby

This Baby Polar Bear Saw Snow For The First Time

Kiwi's First Time Outside

My Wife's Cat, Seeing A Christmas Tree For The First Time

Two Week Old Foster Kitten Meeting The Sun For The First Time

Jonesy's First Snow

Poor Dog's Terrifying First Train Ride

First Meeting With Kitties

Meeting His New Sister For The First Time

Put My Inside Cat Outside And Walked Out To This 5 Minutes Later

My Cats' Reaction To Seeing The Ceiling Fan Move For The First Time

First Time Seeing Snow. I Think He Liked It

My Roommate's Cat Seeing Snow Out The Window For The First Time

My Dogs First Meeting With A Cat Did Not Go That Well

Getting Our Appartment Raised Cat Used To The Outside World... So Scary!

Baby Bear's First Climbing Lesson

Two Baby Common Goldeneye Ducks Leave The Nest For The First Time

My Puppy's First Time Sticking Her Head Out The Window Resulted In Pure Ecstasy

My Black Lab Puppy Met The Vacuum For The First Time

Our 4 Week Old Kitten's First Time In The Grass

Mimi Tries A Lime For The First Time

First Time She Went Outside. The Grass Is Lava

My Boy Always Tries To Jump In The Fridge When I Open It. This Is The First Time He Made It In

This Is Ralph. It's His First Time Out In Public. 11/10 Good Boy

His First Time With Solid Food. His Name Is Gremlin

My Aunt Took Her Indoor Cat Outside For The First Time

Flour Experienced Snow For The First Time Today. She Is Not Impressed

My Rat Tries Watermelon For The First Time

Adopted An Old Hammie Gal Thats Been At The Pet Shop For 2 Years, This Is The First Time She Felt A Blanket

First Time Going Down The Stairs On Their Own. Apparently The Trip Was Exhausting

First Snow For This Sweet Little Girl

Her First Time In A Wide Open Grass Field

Took Them Outside Today For The First Time Since I Started Rehabbing Them (3 Weeks Ago) And This Was The Response I Got

Paralyzed Dog Runs For First Time

First Night Home With My First Puppy

My Friend's New Puppy Doing Its First Howl

Puppy Playing In The Leaves For The First Time

First Time My Cat Has Seen A Watermelon

Took My Dog Out On A Walk For The First Time. He Got Tired And Didn't Want To Walk Anymore So He Went Limp. I Had To Carry Him All The Way Home Like This

My Dog's First Time Seeing Snow... Instant Nope

Let My Kitten Outside For The First Time

Cooper's First Time At The Beach

Ellie Got Her First Stick Today At The Park

First Taste Of Peanut Butter... And He's Addicted

First Time At The Vet




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