There Is No Other Time More Exciting Than The First Time! (50 pics)

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My Blind Friend's First Time Holding A Cat

Bought My Grandma An iPad. She's 84 And Never Had A Tablet, And Wanted It For "Art." I Bought Artrage For Her And Left Her Alone With Her New Toy For 30 Minutes. This Is What I Came Back To

My 92 Year Old Grandmother Meeting My 2 Day Old Daughter For The First Time. Life Comes And Goes, But It's Always Beautiful

Team Rwanda See Snow For The First Ever Time

Many Years Ago My Great Grandmother Made A Promise That If She Made It To Her 100th Birthday She Would Ride Her First Motorcycle, That Day Has Come

Today I Held My Children's Book With My Right Hand For The First Time

We Took My Grandma To Hawaii For The First Time

My Daughter Stood Up Straight For The First Time

For The First Time In My Life I Saw The End Of A Rainbow

Here Is A Soldier I Was Deployed With Meeting His Daughter For The First Time

My Daughter's Reaction To Seeing A Ballerina For The First Time

My 96-Year-Old Grandma Playing VR For The First Time

My Grandparents Just Reached The United States For The First Time. It's Been Their Whole Life's Dream To Be Here. Grandfather Is 96

These Kids In China Have Never Seen Red Hair Before And Asked To Touch It

100-Year-Old Ruby Holt Sees Ocean For The First Time

My Friends Adopted A Little Girl From Haiti, And This Is Her Watching It Snow For The First Time

My Mum Got Drunk For The First Time In 10 Years Today

Two Saudi Old Men Peering Out The Windows Of A Plane On Their First Time Flying

My Niece Meeting A Dog For The First Time

Boy Watching TV For The First Time In An Appliance Store Window, 1948

My Friend And I Met Online 5 Years Ago And Connected Over The Fact That Both Of Us Have Aspergers. Today Was The First Time For Us To Meet In Person

My Little Cousin Met His New Sister For The First Time Yesterday

Mom Got Her First Windowed Oven

African Baby Seeing A White Person For The First Time

I Recently Moved To Colorado, My Grandmother Smoked Pot Legally For The First Time. She Has Been Listening To A Dubstep Frank Sinatra Song On Repeat For An Hour And A Half

My Kitten And Niece's First Time Meeting. She Insisted On Wearing Cat Ears And A Cat Shirt To Help Break The Ice

My Daughters Meet Their Baby Brother For The First Time

Both Were Unsure Of The Other. Cousins First Meeting

First Time Without That Stupid Wheelchair

My Dad Seeing A Baby Goat For The First Time

My Newly Adopted Nephew, Charlie, And My 2 Year Old Niece, Ellison, Playing Together For The First Time

My Grandma Took Her First Selfie Today. Using The Front Camera To Take A Mirror Selfie

My Daughter Dressed Herself For The Very First Time

Our Daughter Was Born 10 Weeks Early. My Wife Got To Hold Her For The First Time Yesterday. It Was A Magical Moment

My Dad Bought Himself A Dog For The First Time In 40 Years, And I Would Say He's Pretty Happy About It

Grandparents' First Time At A Japanese Restaurant

Friend's Baby Meets Her First Dog

Get On The Ride They Said, It'll Be Fun, They Said

My Son Seeing Snow For The First Time

My Grandma Jumped On A Trampoline For Her First Time Ever

This Picture Of My Grandfather Meeting His Great Grandson For The First Time

My Family Tried Backyard Football For The First Time

First Time Using Chopsticks

Me Right When I Saw My Wife For The First Time On Our Wedding Day

My Boy Meeting His New Pup For The First Time

My 101-Year-Old Great Grandma Tried Out Snapchat For The First Time

My Grandmother With Alzheimer's Seeing Her Great-Grandson For The First Time

My Nephew Meeting Santa For The First Time

My Son Seeing A Toad For The First Time

My First Time Visiting The Grand Canyon And This Happened






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