The Thin Line Between Life And Death In Policeman’s Job (11 gifs)

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It’s nothing like what they show in all those movies – when police and bad guys are having the lengthy conversations and then policeman takes over in a brief fight. In real life things are much more fast and much more brutal.


Last week, Cincinnati Police officer Kenneth Grubbs and his partner were called to check on reports of a domestic violence incident. GIF above shows the two officers as they calmly enter the apartment courtyard to question the suspect.

Using the video’s Time Code (TC) it becomes clear how fast officers must make tough life or death decisions.

TC: 05:30:25 – :26

(5:30a.m. over 1 second from :25 – :26)

TC: 05:30:32 – :33

They speak for 3 seconds and then it begins…

TC: 05:30:33 – :34

Suspect pulls a 9 mm pistol (handgun) and shoots Officer Grubbs.

TC: 05:30:35 – :37

You can see his shadow as he falls to the ground. In that same period of time, you can also see his partner, Officer William Keuper, being hit by another bullet.

TC: 05:30:38 – :40

In less than one second of hitting the ground, Officer Grubbs begins firing back on the suspect.

TC: 05:30:40 – :41

Both suspect and Officer Grubbs are firing at each other.

Two seconds…it’s not like in the movies.

TC: 05:30:44 – :48

From suspect’s first bullet fired to the officer’s last shot, the shoot-out lasts 14-seconds. (Note: suspect is injured but not dead; doctors announced that he is expected to make a full recovery.)

TC: 05:31:17 – :20

At this point both officers and the suspect have gun shot wounds. Thirty seconds later a back-up team moves in but the threat is not over. (not viewable from downed officer’s body cam) The suspect is grabbing at his pocket even though he is not holding the 9 mm gun used to shoot the Officers.

TC: 05:31:26 -:28

The back-up team are yelling at the suspect to stop moving towards his pocket.

TC: 05:31:39 – :42

Wounded Officer Grubbs realizes what is happening and brings his weapon back on the suspect. Upon cuffing the bad-guy, sure enough he had a .22-caliber revolver in his pocket.

As for the man wearing the body cam; Officer Grubbs has been shot in the lower abdomen (stomach). The adrenaline from the shoot-out will soon wear off and the pain will step in…time to lay down and wait for the ambulance to arrive.

This is what a split-second looks like in the life of our bad-a** brave Police officers. yep, thank you to the Blue Line


Both officers (and the bad-guy, I mean suspect) are expected to make full recoveries…that being said, All the best of luck in recovery to Cincinnati Officers William Keuper and Kenneth Grubbs.



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