Get Ready For That April Fool’s! (33 pics)

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Which is which?

Want to see righteous fury? Then mix Skittles and M&M’s together. A piece of advice: this prank will be a good one not only for April Fools, but for any children’s party, too.

’’Milk stain’’

Take a glass pane and spill some glue on it. Let the stain dry, place the glass on a laptop keyboard, and wait for your victim’s reaction!

Making your tap a little brighter

Food dye will make your morning colorful — just put a tablet of it into the water sparger in the tap.

Post-it car

You will need quite a few Post-It stickers, but the result is worth the money and effort. Be sure to remember and think about the colors of different car parts in advance. You can even make some text with your sticky papers. Feel free to experiment!

A cake or a banana?

This one is for those with a sweet tooth out there. Bake a cake in the shape of bananas and cover it with a layer of yellow hard sauce. Now treat someone with this unusual banana!

Blue screen of death for your ’’favorite’’ colleague

This kind of print screen will cause a cold sweat of terror for a novice user. Don’t forget to clean the Desktop of all icons and make this picture the wallpaper.

A fake Coke

Change the soft drink to soy sauce and give the bottles to your friends. The best way to do that is to take small bottles with plastic caps. And of course, be sure that no one has an allergy to soy.

For garden lovers

Small cakes made in the shape of carrots will bring smiles to everyone’s face. You can use strawberries for the upper parts of the carrots; just pour some orange juice on them and put them in the freezer.

Treasure hunting

Stick some coins to the floor and watch your colleagues try to pick them up. You can use glue or nail the coins down, depending on how much you care for the floor.

Where’s the snake?!

An empty cage with a ’’Do not touch the snake’’ sign near it will certainly arouse a mass confusion, especially if the owner of the ’’snake’’ is bustling around, wild-eyed.

The leap of terror

Have you ever wondered how high a person can jump when caught unaware? Before doing that, just make sure your victim isn’t holding anything fragile or easily spillable in their hands.

"I left you some watermelon..."

This prank is just the matter of perspective. Tell someone about their share of the fruit in the fridge and wait for their reaction.

A crafty mouse

Stick some funny picture to your victim’s mouse. The quality of the picture depends on how you treat the person you’re pranking.

A mouse in the house

Making a mouse is easy; take an ’’overturned’’ box and a beet-root with a ’’tail.’’ If you haven’t got a perfect beet-root, take a potato instead, and stick a small rope tail to it.

A skirt?! It’s a kilt!

To create chaos in an office or, for instance, a shopping mall, cut a trapezoid of a matching color and stick this "skirt" onto the men’s bathroom sign. Enjoy the confusion!

This is how office feuds start
Is there anyone here who loves bugs?

For this prank, you will need plastic bugs and a little luck, so that your victim looks away while you sabotage their lunch.

How about dessert?

Treat your friends or colleagues to a wonderful cake made of grated potatoes and sausage. It’s actually tasty, although not exactly in the way you’d expect from a dessert.

Astronaut’s juice

Good luck trying to drink this ’’juice’’ made of jelly! Still, you’ll get plenty of fun watching the reaction of a person who doesn’t understand why the juice doesn’t spill from an overturned glass.

Just bought a new carpet

Make a glue stain and paint it into any color you want, and you could use it on any surface. Make sure that it’s properly dried, though, or else your carpet will be spoiled for good.

Good ole classics

This practical joke is quite innocent, but still funny; generations of people have been rubbing a piece of soap covered with a thin layer of transparent nail polish and wondering why there’s no foam.

Sharing is caring

These fake cookies are sure to get the attention of sugar lovers. Be careful not to break the cookies themselves while scraping off the filling — they should be intact for your devious plan to work.

Sewn-through socks

When your victim tries to put on their socks, they’ll be discouraged. Take a few pairs, sew them through the middle, and let the game begin!

Rise of plastic cups

Your family will have a hard time leaving their rooms.

Shampoo is broken!

"Why doesn’t my shampoo flow?" There’s a cellophane plug in there, that’s why.

The fridge is making eyes at you

First thing in the morning, get your family’s guard down with the help of these cute goggly-eyed foodstuffs. And then serve a special breakfast.

Scrambled eggs

They have a secret: yogurt instead of whites, half a canned apricot for the yolk.

"Decorating" the fridge

A printed face picture, a water jar, and a joke (not for the faint-hearted) is ready.

Want some ice for your Coke?

A trick that always works: Mentos frozen in water.

Butter deodorant

Replace your victim’s deodorant with butter or congealed cream the night before.

Batteries down?

Stick something onto the remote control’s IR sensor. Those who want to watch TV will have a problem.

Relaxing at work

Tissues and toilet paper always make you feel calm, right?

For cat lovers

Real cat fans will totally love this joke.






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