Honestly, It’s Impossible Not To Want These (21 pics + 8 gifs)

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A convenient butter knife

Thanks to its unusual design, the ButterUp knife can easily cope even with the hardest butter.

A gadget that turns your smartphone into a retro TV

Smartphone Magnifier is a pretty box with a magnifying glass. It allows its users to watch their favorite movies on a smartphone at greater convenience than before, increasing the size of the image on the screen by half.

A magnetic smartphone holder

The Mengo holder is suitable for most smartphones and GPS-navigators. 4 strong magnets can securely hold the device at any angle.

Shoelaces you don’t need to tie every time

These flexible shoelaces don’t need to be tied and untied every time — it’s enough to thread them through the shoes and fasten. They stretch perfectly, thereby turning sneakers and trainers into slip-on shoes, which are convenient to put on and take off.

Adhesive tape for Lego lovers

This tape is compatible with Lego blocks and allows you to place them on any surface — for example, on a wall or a refrigerator door. In addition, this "Lego tape" can help you to build curved objects, such as roads, rivers, and bridges.

Headphone Holders

BudStraps will be useful for those people whose headphones fall out of their ears all the time, such as during a workout.

A cube that helps you to concentrate

Fidget Cube is a cube that has buttons, wheels, and switches on its edges — in short, everything that could help you to keep your hands busy. The toy’s creators claim it can replace pens and other objects that people like to "play" with. The cube helps its owner to relieve their feelings of stress and focus on performing everyday tasks.

A "clever" fitness tracker

An inexpensive device called Misfit Shine automatically calculates the distance you’ve walked and the calories you’ve burnt, detects sleep phases, and synchronizes with your smartphone. In addition, the tracker is equipped with a replaceable battery, which lasts for 6 months of work.

Roses that won’t wilt for 3 years

It’s not the cheapest pleasure in the world, but how beautiful is this?! Although there’s a more accessible but no less attractive variant. As its creators assure us, these roses will please their owner from six months to 5 years.

Levitating speakers for Star Wars fans
Fans of the iconic saga will be in seventh heaven if they receive a gift like this. Perhaps, even Darth Vader himself would approve of it.
A 15-in-1 compact multi-tool

This device fits easily in your hand and contains as many as 15 tools: a slot and a cross screwdriver, a set of hex keys, a T25 torx key, a set of spanners, a nail puller, a pry bar, and a flashlight.

A set of tablet and smartphone lenses

The GoStellar Universal kit consists of 3 lenses: wide angle, ultra wide angle ("fisheye"), and a macro lens. It’s very convenient for those who like to take pictures but cannot always carry a bulky camera with them.

Transformer shoes

Shooz consists of two parts: the top and the sole, which are connected with a zipper. Thanks to this innovation, different types of soles and tops can be combined, what allows you to always have a different pair of shoes.

A smartphone laser ruler

In addition to measuring the distance between an object and the phone, the iPin Spatial Ruler can determine the distance between two points on the object it captures, such as the length of a desk.

A socket guidelight

A perfect solution for those who sometimes have to look for a socket in the dark. This guidelight consumes a minimum of electricity and can be used as a night lamp.

Archaeology soap

Inside the Archaeology Soap there are plastic figures of dinosaurs, which you’ll have to "uncover" as the soap is used for its intended purpose. Each layer represents a certain archaeological epoch. Both practical and educational, especially for children.

One-handed zipper
Glass toaster
Keyboard joystick
Updated user-friendly plug
Indoor cat hammock
Think-ahead toilet paper holder
Wheelchair-accessible staircase
See-through highlighter
Password-protected USB drive
Spying glass doorknob
No-waste toothpaste
A bracelet that turns your skin into a touchscreen

Credits:  brightside.me



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