Be Careful What Food You Order! (40 pics)

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Asked For "Nothing" As Dessert On A Disney Cruise. Got This Masterpiece

After A Huge Meal (Schweinshaxe) In Berlin I Asked For Just A Small Beer. This Is What The Waiter Brought Me

I Ordered A Double Espresso, So That Is What I Got

So I Ordered A Lettuce Burger Thinking It Would Come On Two Pieces Of Lettuce

Ordered A Coffee With Bailey's

Went To McDonald's And Ordered An "Ice-Cream Sandwich" Out Of Boredom. They Deleivered

My Husband Asked Hardee's To Put Extra Frosting On His Cinnamon Biscuit

I Ordered Double Pepperoni

Ordered A Strawberry Pomegranate Mango Margarita. Got A Strawberry, Pomegranate, And Mango Margarita

My Friend Ordered A Large Pizza With 8 Cheese Sticks. Apparently, The Lady On The Phone Heard Differently

Friend Ordered An Affogato. Waiter Didn't Know What It Was. She Said You Put A Scoop Of Ice-Cream On Top Then Pour Espresso Over It. this Is What She Got

Someone On The Northern Ireland Vegan/veggie Group Said They Ordered A Bean Burger And Got This. I Can't Stop Laughing

My Cousin's Friend Ordered A Chicken Burger And Asked For Mayo On The Top And Bottom, This Is What She Got

My Brothers In Nairobi Went Out For A Meal And Ordered Cheesy Onion Rings

So My Friend Ordered A Fruit Salad In A Restaurant In Marrakesh

I Ordered A Coke With An Extra Cup For The Kids. This Is What I Got

Ordered A Pepperoni Pizza, Got A Pepperoni, With A Pizza

When I Ordered A Small, This Is Not What I Had In Mind

I Ordered A Tomato Salad With Feta Cheese And I've Got This

So I Asked For Extra Pickles Today At Subway

Ordered A Cheeseburger With Only Ketchup. This Is What I Got

Ordered Coffee With Cream In Germany And This Is What I Got

Asked For A Bud Light Lime In A Glass And This Is What The Bartender Gave Me

I Ordered A Chili Burger, And This Is What I Got. I Need To Communicate Better

Just Got Bella Italia Delivered. I Ordered A Side Of Chips To Come With It. What I Actually Got Was A Side Of Chocolate Chips

Tonight At Culver's, Ordered A Side Of Onion Rings. What I Got: Rings Of Onion On The Side

She Asked For Sour Cream On The Side

Went To Wendy's For Lunch And Asked For Extra Onion In My Chili. I Guess This Counts

So I Asked For Cheese Fries With My Burger

Ordered A Blueberry Muffin. Got 1 Blueberry. I Didnt Expect The Description To Be So Accurate

So I Ordered An Ice Cream Sandwich In Thailand... This Is What They Gave Me

Asked For A Side Of Cheese For My Nachos And Got This

Just Ordered Chips With Cheese, Wasn't Expecting This But I Guess I Got What I Asked For

I Ordered Ice Cream In Two Cups Instead Of Cones And This Is What We Got

I Ordered An Extra Toasted Bagel And Got This

I Asked The Cooks At Work For A Little Bit Of Mango Salsa And This Is What I Got

I Ordered 5 Extra Peppers

Asked For Extra Mayo In My Sandwich, Got This

Ordered A "Tomato Salad" In Brazil

I Ordered Four Tacos At My University Dining Hall. This Is How They Were Given To Me




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