Max Damage: Alien Invasion with a Surprising Endgame

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For the thousands of people who play real money slot games at Red Flush Canadian casino, the name "Max Damage" might sound familiar: the Earth's smirkiest hero with the manliest jawline and the most surprising eyebrows (they do look like the wings of a seagull after a solar storm) has been the protagonist of a popular slot machine they might have all stumbled upon while browsing the Red Flush's sizeable online game library. What many of them probably don't know (after all, they go to the Red Flush for the slot machines) is that the same Max Damage who has been degraded to the role of a slot machine protagonist was once a brave space pilot tasked with saving the world from an alien attack. The game "Max Damage and the Alien Attack" has been part of the Red Flush game library for ages, representing an innovative approach to the world of the games of chance: a vertical-scrolling shoot'em up with invading aliens, boss fights, homing missiles, and real money wins with every spaceship destroyed.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack

While it doesn't have the amazing chiptunes and the even more amazing terrain of Tyrian, we could say that Max Damage and the Alien Attack is honoring the legacy of the style. The fact that it combines shooting aliens with random wins makes it even more interesting as an achievement. Because Max Damage and the Alien Attack has a strong element of chance, and this doesn't refer to the randomly appearing alien spaceships but to the rewards players receive for destroying them. Here's how the game is played: players are required to choose the amount they want to spend on each bet, then they are taken to the battlefield to destroy alien spaceships. Firing bullets and rockets won't cost them a thing but destroying spaceships will - each spaceship is one bet placed. Whenever an alien ship explodes, it reveals a certain amount of credits it pays to the player. The amount is random, which makes Max Damage and the Alien Attack a true game of chance.

Controls, boosters, bosses

For a game of chance, Max Damage and the Alien Attack looks very much like a vertical-scrolling top-down space shooter. Players control the ship horizontally with the arrow keys and shoot by pressing "Space" (it's a space-themed game, after all). Holding down the Spacebar or clicking on "Autofire" will fire continuously. During the game, some alien ships will drop boosters that will either add a life to the total or increase the ship's health, shields or damage. Weapon upgrades can also be collected, and some freebies like Blockade, Nuke, Wormhole, Lazer Booster, and Free Missiles. At the end of each of the nine levels, Max Damage will encounter an increasingly tough boss to defeat - for some extra wins, of course.

Max Damage and the Alien Attack is a surprisingly entertaining game of chance that can be tough and challenging at times. It can be played free of charge, too, at the Red Flush Online Casino, yet playing it for a real stake (except for the fate of the planet, of course) can be even more exciting.


Max Damage: Alien Invasion with a Surprising Endgame




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