Saying These Bathrooms Are Awkward Is A Severe Understatement (25 pics)

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This unusual bathroom can be found at the UFO Bar & Restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Known as the Kisses Urinals, these creative urinals were designed in 2000 by Dutch designer Meike van Schijndel.

Some people have been known to have bad aim, leading to pretty dirty public restrooms. In an effort to solve this problem, one brilliant economist created "nudge toilets." They "nudge" users to aim correctly by placing an image of a fly in the urinal to give a target. It's been more successful than you might think.

New Zealand is known for its beautiful landscape. Now you can add unique and beautiful bathrooms to the list of reasons to visit the country.

If you take a trip to Vienna, you should check out the opera...and by opera, we mean the opera toilet.

We aren't really sure how these toilets are functional, but they are really strange decoration.

Square metal toilets and dark marble make this bathroom look super fancy for their less than fancy purpose.

This public toilet in Amsterdam, designed by Jan van der Mey, might make Westerners feel a little exposed.

These pop-up public toilets known as Urilifts are common in several European cities. They pop up in the evening when the party time begins and they disappear in the morning.

On a busy city street in Basel, Switzerland, there is a public restroom that is see-through from the inside but a mirror on the outside. This means you can see the world go by as you answer nature’s call, but the people walking by can’t see you. If you can't make it to Basel, there's a similar bathroom inspired by the same designer, Monica Bonvicini, in Texas.

Tokyo's Robot Restroom lets every woman go in style.

To use this creepy skull toilet, you need to visit a pirate ship in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Old beer kegs were repurposed as original urinals at Beer Bros. in Regina. Similar urinals can be found at the Monteith's Brewery, New Zealand.

If number 18 was too open for your comfort, this public toilet in Philadelphia will feel a little less...public.

This bathroom at the Zeta Bar in Sydney is not for those who are shy.

If you're looking for more 3-D art to look at while doing your business, look no further than the Shunt Vaults underneath London Bridge Station.

This is one of many uniquely-designed bathrooms at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

This wooden rocking chair-toilet combination from Finland invites you to sit and stay a while.

A regular on best restaurant toilet lists, the sleek, futuristic pods at the Sketch Restaurant in London are worth a visit if only to see how a restroom can resemble an oversized egg.

This astonishing bathroom in Kawakawa, New Zealand, was designed by renowned Austrian-born artist and architect Frederick Hundertwasser.

This public toilet in Düsseldorf, Germany, keeps it simple and descriptive with a touch of humor.

This bathroom in Seoul, South Korea gives a more artistic and colorful spin to the male/female signs.

This enchanted bathroom can be found in Biarritz, France.

This bathroom at Tokyo's Designers Week 2013 is not for those who are easily disoriented.

This public bathroom is proof that not all porta-potties are created equal.






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