It’s Awesome When Your Wife Knows How To Pull Off A Nice Prank (48 pics)

Posted in FUNNY       14 Apr 2017       8544       GALLERY VIEW

My Husband Bet Me I Couldn't Shave His Foot Without Him Waking Up. This Is What He Woke Up To This Morning

My Wife Found A Way To Hide Her Candy

My Wife Brought Home A Life Size Skeleton Replica, This Is What I Walked In On

I Left For A Day. My Wife Knew Exactly What I Wanted To Do When I Got Home

My Wife Called Me To The Bathroom To See The Work She Did On My Shampoo Bottle

Called My Wife A Sandwich Maker

My Wife Wanted To Let The Pizza Place Know That They're Overdoing It With The Advertising

We Were Looking Through Old Pictures Of Me When My Wife Started Laughing And Got The Dog's Flea Pills From The Cupboard

My Sister's April Fools' Prank On Her Husband

Was Wondering Why My Wife Was Giggling When She Asked Me To Change The Air Filters

Wife Pranked Her Husband With A Coyote, Photoshopped Into Their Home

My Pregnant Wife Sent This To Me At 2:12 Am This Morning. I'm Going To Guess That My Snoring Was Quite Bad Last Night

Once My Wife Said This, I Can't Un-See It

My Wife Took This Picture And Has Been Sending It Out And Laughing About It For 3 Hours

I Hope My Husband Feels Special When He Wakes Up. All Eyes Will Be On Him

My Wife Got A New Halloween Decoration. I Nearly Shit When I Walked In The Bathroom

Asked My Wife To Get More Magnets For The Fridge With No Restrictions On What Kind

My Wife (A Geologist) Purchased This For Me For My Birthday

As Soon As She Saw It My Wife Took Them Out Of Her Bag And Left Them There

My Wife, An Attorney, Wore Her Halloween Costume To Work Today

My Friend Made This For Her Husband

So My Wife Is Going Away For A Few Months. This Is How She Left Our Bed This Morning

My Wife Made Me A Passive Aggressive Flow Chart To Use Every Time I Get Hungry

Just Got This Lovely Anniversary Note From My Lovely Girlfriend

My Wife Bought Me Monogram Pajamas For Christmas

My Wife Said "Found Your Mom's Butt Plug"

My Wife Packed Me Hard Boiled Eggs For Lunch

This Is What Happens When My Husband, Who Is Married To A Makeup Artist, Has The Nerve To Fall Asleep Early When I'm In Town

My Wife Saw A Cockroach At Work, But Didn't Have The Means To 'Dispose' Of It

My Wife Called To Say She Picked Up 50 Shades Of Grey. This Was Not What I Was Expecting When I Got Home

My Wife Has Been Trying Anything To Remind Me To Bring My Lunch To Work

Came Downstairs And My Wife Gave Me These. Uh, Thanks Honey?

My Wife's Yard Sale Signs For Tomorrow

My Husband's Going To Love His Valentines Day Surprise

I Asked The Kind Lady At The Pet Shop For A Shed Tarantula Skin, To Put Amongst The Bananas To Scare My Husband

My Wife Asked Me If I Wanted Half Her Twix. She Thinks This Is A Game

I Too Get Bored When My Husband Is Away

My Wife Bought A New Hairbrush With A Suction Cup At The End. I Found This On The Bathroom Mirror. I Love My Wife!

Christmas Shopping With The Family. My Wife Asked If The Baby Carrier Was Maybe Cutting Off My Son's Circulation

My Wife Woke Me Up To Tell Me I Needed To Fix The "Leak In The Bathtub"

My Husband Didn't Want A Birthday Cake

Not What My Husband Had In Mind When I Told Him I Made A Sexy Dress

My Wife Says This Is The Only Benefit Of Being Pregnant

My Firefighter Husband Has To Spend Alternating Nights At The Station So I Got Him This Pillowcase To Keep Him Company

Look What My Wife Did To The Pug

My Wife Gave Me My Birthday Cake

Husband "Forbade" Me To Touch Alduin. This Was My Response. Alduin Totally Loves Me More

My Husband Says I'm "Being Immature" But I Found This While Gardening And Couldn't Resist






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