Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (45 pics)

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Octopus eggs

Just Another Day at Dubai Pet Shop

The surface of the planet Venus as taken by Venera landers. Venus is so hostile that the landers only lasted 1 hour before being destroyed by the planet, but not before these photos were transmitted

Mars taken from Curiosity

Charlie Murphy and Rick James in the 80’s

British Prime Minister Theresa May has defied Saudi Arabia’s strict custom and refused to wear a headscarf for her first meeting with the Arab country’s ruling elite

Elephant painting an Elephant

Statue of Yuri Gagarin in Moscow, completed in 1980

Air conditioned luxury lawnmower of the 1950’s

Blade Runner early screening notes

Emma Morano passed away today. She was born on November 29, 1899, and was the last person born in the 1800’s

The oldest person in the world leaves it with an entirely different set of humans than when they entered it.

Head On by Cai Guo-Qiang

How reliable those age progression on missing persons are

This was scribbled all over the wall of a vacant crackhouse

Life Inside a Philippine Jail

Firefighters recommend you sleep your kids with their doors closed; this is why

‘Knife Angel’ sculpture is made out of 100,000 knives collected by the police

Dragon’s Blood trees

Gold inlaid Colt Dragoon from 1853

104-year-old Grace Brett, member of band of guerilla knitters, thought to be the oldest street artist/yarn-bomber in world

China’s Richest Village

Second Disarmed bomb from Russian metro

Andre the Giant holding a beer can

“One in a billion shot.” Cop’s bullet fired exactly down the barrel of mugger’s gun, jamming it

Meanwhile in Canada…

Burglar gets caught on fence after robbing a school

The dummy head made of plaster left in Frank Morris’s bed to aid his escape from Alcatraz prison, 1962

Frank Morris’s Cell

Nirvana on Halloween in 1993 (Kurt Cobain was dressed as Barney)

The stars above a camp in Kazakhstan's Altyn-Emel National Park look psychedelic thanks to long exposure photography.

A group of people brave a sightseeing platform amidst the otherworldly quartzite sandstone columns that fill Zhangjiajie in China's Hunan Province.

Boats make their way through Chaka Salt Lake in Haixi in China's Qinghai Province.

Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc on a house in Lumberton, North Carolina, in October of last year.

Great Bear Lake in Deline, Canada, is the eighth largest lake in the world and also an ideal spot for Aurora Borealis viewing.

A heavy layer of ice left this car — pictured in Hamburg, Germany — unmovable.

Standing on Hundskopf Mountain, this photographer was able to capture a blanket of fog covering the Inntal Valley while the sun rose above the village of Gnadenwald in Austria.

The stark color contrast in this salt lake, which is separated by a road in Yuncheng, China, is due to algae.

These fishermen in New Taipei City, Taiwan, are in a sulfuric fire fishing boat. This unique method uses fire to attract fish.

A lone crane rises out of the thick fog that engulfs the port city of Yantai in China's Shandong Province.

Fall was in full swing as this man strolled through a garden in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Nuuk, Greenland's capital city, is home to plenty of icebergs thanks to its large fjord network. Here, children play on an iceberg on the beach.

Jack Nicklaus paying tribute to his buddy Arnold Palmer this morning to open the Master’s

Boxing in Yankee Stadium, NY, 1923

A F1 steering wheel explained




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