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Facts About Bands And Rock Stars That Really Rock! (16 pics)

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In The Beatle’s song Hey Jude, at 2:57 you can hear Paul McCartney mess up on the piano and yell “f**king hell.”

After being kicked out of Metallica, Dave Mustaine got the name for Megadeth from a pamphlet by a California senator that said, “The arsenal of megadeath can’t be rid no matter what the peace treaties come to.” Mustaine changed slightly changed the spelling and said it represented the annihilation of power.

After Dave Grohl quit his first band, the entire band broke up because they knew they could not find a better drummer.

The guys at Dark Horse Brewery turned down an endorsement deal with Nickelback because they hated the band so much.

Two scientists formed a band called ‘NǽnøĉÿbbŒrğ VbëřřĦōlökäävsŦ’ (pronounced ‘Nanocyborg Uberholocaust’) originating from Antarctica. Their first album was recorded at the South Pole.

The members of the Arctic Monkeys didn’t know how to play instruments when they started the band.

In 2008, there was a music festival called “Festival of the fuck bands,” that included only bands with fuck in their name and was held in Fucking, Austria.

In 2013, Kid Rock took a pay cut to keep the tickets to his concerts at $20 and 12-ounce beers at $4.

The genre of music the Cantina Band in Star Wars is playing is known as “Jizz.”

After dreaming the melody to Yesterday, Paul McCartney feared he had subconsciously plagiarized the song. McCartney played the song for other bands to make sure it wasn’t theirs.

Dave Grohl started the Foo Fighters as a one-man project. He wrote and recorded the band’s first album vocals, guitar, bass, and drum tracks himself.

Every member of Queen has written multiple #1 hits.

The Offspring’s guitarist, Noodles, was in the band because he was old enough to provide alcohol for the rest of the band.

Singer Tom Waits has a song called The Fall of Troy, and the band The Fall of Troy has a song called Tom Waits.

Gillette offered ZZ Top $1,000,000 to shave their beards for an ad. The band refused.

After surviving a deadly plane crash Lynyrd Skynyrd’s drummer, Artimus Pyle went to a nearby farmhouse for help and was shot in the shoulder for trespassing.

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