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They Don’t Understand What They’re Doing Yet (36 pics)

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At Disney, Daughter Said "Mom Take A Picture Of Me Giving Rafiki A Kiss"

My Girlfriends 6 Year Old Son Started Screaming "I Found The Golden Ticket!" Repeatedly As He Ran Up To Her Holding This

She Doesn't Understand Why She Can't Bring Her Jump Rope To School Tomorrow

Neighbor Kid Getting A Little Too Handsy With My Daughter

My 8 Week Old Son Always Stares At My Boobs After I Get Out Of The Shower. This Was His Expression This Morning

My Friend's Nephew Made This Birdhouse At Camp

My Little Sister (6) Drew A Picture Of A Shark On My Dad's Head

Girl Finds ‘Cock Ring’ On Aunty's Bedside Table, Wears It Like A Bracelet

And One Night While We Were Listening To Old School Rap He Drew Two Turn Tables. I Was Just Glad He Didn't Draw A Microphone Too

My Daughter A Few Years Back. "Mum, Look At My Icecream!!!" Yeah, Looks Delicious

My 4 Year Olds Biscuit Making! Nobody Ate It, It Just Didn't Seem Right

My 5 Year Old Came Running Out Of School Waving This Around This Last Year. He Said It Was A Rocket

My Son Started Prep This Year , While Doing Puzzles He Started Trying To Make Words . He Puts This One Together And Asked Me What Word He Made?.. Umm

We Went To A Family Day Out At The Local And There Were Face Painters There. He Asked For An Elephant And This Was What He Got

So Called "Taco Fish" Art Project My Daughter Brought Home

So, My Son Won This Fishing Trophy

My Son Found My "Fishing Rods"

So My Daughter Made Pancakes And Experienced A Stray Splatter

My Nephew Made An "Egg Tower" To Take To School For Easter

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