These Inventions Make Eating An Even More Comfortable Thing (50 pics)

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Bowl Of Chicken And Fries, With A Straw To Your Soda Through The Center. One Hand Holds All The Things, So You Can Eat With The Other

My Avocado Has A Color Chart On The Sticker, So You Know When It's Ripe

These Shopping Carts Have A Magnifying Glass For The Elderly

Chopsticks That Are Also A Fork, In Case You're Not Feeling Too Confident

This Picnic Table Has Seating For Adults, Seating For Small Children, A High Chair And Space For Wheelchair Users

Stretchy Reusable Food Cover

My Mom Blew My Mind When She Brought These Amazing Little Inventions Back From Her Trip To Peru

This Store Sorts It's Bananas By How Ripe They Are

My Asian 'Pringles' Has A Tab To Lift The Chips Up So You Don't Have To Put Your Hand Inside The Tube

This Restaurant Sells Fries In Paper Cones And The Tables Have Diamond Shaped Holes That Hold The Cones

This Coffee Shop Shows The Differences Between Coffee Drink Types

Edible Cutlery

Our Local Coffee Shop Uses Frozen Coffee Cubes For Iced Coffee

Our Beer At A Restaurant In Prague Was Delivered By A Miniature Train

These Glasses Are Designed So You Can Carry Several At The Same Time

This Takeout Spork Has A Toothpick In The Handle

Danish Restaurant Keeps Track Of Occupied Tables Using Lego

The Restaurant I Went To Put Coke Ice Cubes In My Coke. It Was Delicious

This French Fries Cone Has A Built In Sauce Container

Local Farmer Has A Vending Machine In Our Mall

This Restaurant Bathroom Has Two Different Kinds Of Soaps

This Mango Has A Sticker Which Tells You What Colour The Best Tasting Level Of Ripeness Is

This Restaurant Labels Their Brownies Based On What Part Of The Pan It Was Baked On

Best Invention For Frequent Water Drinkers

Wine Condoms That Help To Preserve Unfinished Bottle Of Wine

My Ramen Has A Built-In Strainer

This Box Of Chewing Gum I Bought Comes With A Separate Container And Wrapper Paper To Put Used Gum In

My Spoon Has A Line Where Its Center Of Gravity Is

This Restaurant Has A Sign To Let The Waiter Know If You Need Help

This Door Has A Shelf To Set Your Coffee On While You Open It

The Microwave I Use At Work Has A Button To Turn Off The Sound, So It Doesn't Beep When Your Food Is Done

New Huge Dates Stamped On The Milks In The Store

This Movie Rental Place Has A Hole In The Wall So That You Can Order Pizza From Next Door

My Supermarket Lets You Eat Produce While You Shop For A 25 Cents

My Receipt Came With A Nutritional Breakdown

This Restaurant Had A Complementary Mouthwash Machine In The Bathroom

This Supermarket Has Confectionary Free Checkouts For Parents Unwilling To Have Children Demanding That They Buy Some

This Is How They Sell Wine Bottles At This Music Festival. 4 Cups That Come Apart

This Bag Has The Corners Cut Out So That The Pizza Sits Flat

My Dad's New Car Has Cooled/Heated Cup Holders

My Bar Has An Ice Strip To Keep Your Beer Cold

Chick-Fil-A Doesn't Charge Customers For Ingredients That The Customers Don't Want

Avocado Huggers To Keep It Fresh

The Microwave At My Office Is A Pull Out Drawer

This Churros Cone Has A Dippable Chocolate Sauce Container

My Bag Of Rice Closes With Velcro

My Town Has A Baguette Vending Machine

This Toaster Has A 'Bit More' Option

This Is A Pizza Vending Machine I Saw In Croatia. You Pick The Toppings And It Actually Bakes It For You Right There!

This Restaurant Tabletop Condiment Caddy Has A Special Holder To Make Sure The Ketchup Bottle Is Always Primed For Use






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