These Waterslides Were Created To Test Even The Bravest Out There (25 pics)

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Insano Water Slide

Many people love the thrill of going fast. How fast? How does zero to 65 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds sound? Look no further than the Insano Water Slide in Fortaleza, Brazil. This slide even made the Guinness Book of World Records.


One crazy drop seems like it would be enough, but what about two crazy drops? That’s exactly what happened on Verruckt, which actually means insane in German. In a multi-rider raft, thrill seekers were dropped 17 stories and then sent over a hump and then back down again. At 168 feet tall, this waterslide in Kansas is currently the world’s tallest. However, it’s been permanently shut down after a young 10 year old boy died on the ride.

Kamikaze Slide

This waterslide, found at Canada’s Magic Mountain Water Park in Moncton, New Brunswick, drops its riders 100 feet at speeds of 60 miles per hour.

Jumeirah Sceirah

Does 60 miles per hour seem to slow for you? Then this waterslide in Dubai is just for you as some riders have reached speeds of up to 80 miles per hour…and that’s after being dropped out of a trap door that opens beneath your feet while you wait in adrenaline-fueled terror.

Aqua Loop

Arguably the best part of any roller coaster is the big loops where you find yourself upside down. Why not experience this while on a waterslide? There are many water parks around the world that offer an aqua loop, such as Wet n’ Wild Gold Coast in Australia and Typhoon Texas Waterpark in Texas.

Leap of Faith

While this certainly isn’t the fastest waterslide on this list, it might be the scariest if you are afraid of sharks. This slide drops you down a Mayan temple and through a tube that’s surrounded by sharks.

Drag Race


If you think car racing sounds fun, wait until you try this ride. Plus, racing your friends down this six story waterslide, face first on a mat might be even more exciting than training for NASCAR.

Scorpion's Tail

Developed by the same people who created the Aqua Loop slides (#21), the Scorpion’s Tail waterslide in Wisconsin combines a near-vertical drop out of a trap door with a large loop to send riders flying down what looks like the tail of a scorpion.

King Cobra

One of the tallest waterslides, this ride sends you on several twists and turns through the body of a snake just before you hit at 50-foot drop at a 50-degree angle right into the mouth of King Cobra. His fangs even spit water at you as you arrive.


At over 400 feet tall, this slide has a trap-door and several insane loops and turns. The best part? You get a breathtaking view of the Alps right before you plummet to the bottom.

Aqua Duck Water Slide

For those who want insane but at a slower pace. Take in the view of the wide open ocean while you travel around the Disney Dream cruise-boat in a raft that slides down a clear tube.

747 water slide

This unique ride sends you out of the side of a plane, through several twists and turns, into a pool below. Great for those who love to fly.


We’ve shown you some of the tallest and fastest waterslides, but what about the world’s longest waterslide? Join a few of your friends in a large raft down large drops and epic turns. You’ll find that it’s a little bit different sliding down a wide slide than down a narrow enclosed tube.

Tornado Water Slide

This crazy slide takes you and 1 to 3 other people down a slide that ends in a tornado-like spiral. It may not be tornado-speed, but it’s definitely unique.

Disco H2O

For those of you who like a good party or the club, this ride is for you. Music and lights make this ride a truly unique experience as far as waterslides go.

Happy Magic Water Cube

Looking for a piece of history along with your waterslide experience? The aquatic center from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing has been turned into a very happy and magical water park full of slides and…well…magic.

Woodlands Coaster

For those looking for a bit of thrill combined with nature, Woodlands Park near Dartmouth, Massachusetts is for you. There are even places to camp nearby.

The Cyclone

This ride takes you on a huge loop…right in the middle of the West Edmonton Mall in Canada. What else would make a shopping trip to the mall more complete?

Cliffhanger/T5 Twisters

This ride is actually two slides in one; an 80 foot drop on one side and a seriously twisted slide complete with fog and lights on the other. Chances are, you’ll end up going twice so you can experience both.


What makes this slide unique is that you travel down the winding tubes in complete darkness, except for a random colored light here and there.

Summit Plummet

Another free fall drop, this winter themed slide is one of the tallest and fastest in the world.

Bahama Blaster

Located at Six Flags in Texas, this ride has its twists and turns as well as the trap-door style launching system.

Taumata Racer

This is another slide that’s almost a completely vertical drop. It also has the added thrill of going down face first while racing against other riders.

Dolphin Plunge

If sliding down a tube through shark-infested waters (like in #20) is too much for you, how about dolphins?

Lipno Water Slide

If you’re looking for an additional reason to book that family vacation, look no further! So far there have been vertical drops or twists and turns, but what happens when there are both insane drops and turns? It’s making us dizzy just looking at it.



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