They Prove That No Weight Loss Is Impossible! (45 pics)

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Kate Writer Weighed 120 Kilograms And Lost 55 Kilograms In Nine Months

Exactly Three Years Ago Versus Today. 600 Pounds To 230 Pounds

Same Shorts, 270 Lb To 135 Lb In Just Over One Year

110lbs Loss In 7 Years. Worst Shape To Best Shape, I've Been Loosing It Slowly In Chunks

Weight Loss Does Wonders. 70 Lbs Down And So Much Happier And Healthier

New Mom Lost 100 Lbs After She Found Out Her Husband Was Cheating On Her And Calling Her A Cow Behind Her Back

Through Thick And Thin

Bravo To My Girlfriend

170 Lbs Down (One Year Progress)

This Homeless Man, Who Gorged On 10,000 Calories A Day While Eating Only Fast Food, Lost 140 Lbs And Found Love

When Told He Would Die If He Didn't Lose Weight, Pat Lost 325 Lbs

This Girl Was An Alcoholic, But Managed To Lose 165 Lbs After Quitting Alcohol

1 Year Weight Loss Anniversary

320 Lbs Down To 120 Lbs. Feels Great To Be Free

This Is What Losing 160 Pounds Looks Like

My Sister Before And After Losing Over 168 Lbs In 11 Months

Hey Can I Post My 100 Pound Weight Loss

Before And After Weight Loss

193 Lb Weight Loss

Weight Loss Done Well

What Losing 60kg Did To My Face

Couple Who Weighed 770 Lbs Have Lost Half Their Body Fat In 1 Year

261 To 115 Lbs

Andy Lost More Than A Half Of His Weight In Under A Year. From 317lbs To 141lbs

Promised A Year Ago I'd Stuff Both My Legs Into One Of These Pantlegs

All Me, No Trainer, No Creams, No Pills, No Quick Fixes! Just Time, Patience, Consistency, Dedication, And A Mix Of Crazy

Obese Bride Lost 200 Lbs And Now,on Her 16th Wedding Anniversary, She Can Wear Her Wedding Dress Together With Her Husband

What Losing A 1/3 Of A Fridge Looks Like

125 Lbs Lost - A Year And A Half Of Running And Lifting

My Fiancé Began His Weight Loss Journey Last October. It's Now One Year Later, And He Is Down 145 Pounds

63 Lbs Down In 8 Months. Reached My Goal!

70 Pounds Down, Never Felt So Good

My Wife Finished A Triathlon Today, Exactly One Year From Her Very First Race

The Moment You Realize Your Old T-Shirt From Last Year Could Almost Be A Bedsheet. 50 Kg Down So Far

314lbs To 155lbs Thanks To Healthy Lifestyle

274 Lbs - 180 Lbs

85lbs Lost And A New Life Gained. Bring On The Next Adventure

My First "Little" Black Dress

2007-Today, 345lbs-187lbs

One Year And 200 Pounds Later. I Went From Not Being Able To Stand As A Spectator To Running The Same 10k

One Year Ago Today I Decided To Change My Lifestyle

Before And After Weight Loss

10 Months Ago I Promised Myself I'd Lose 100 Pounds By My Birthday. Today's My Birthday And I'm Down 115 Pounds

For The Pst 2.5 Years I've Dedicated Every Single Day To Creating A Better Me, The Kid To The Left Was Not Healthy Not Happy And Most Importantly Not Living To His Full Potential

185lbs To 137lbs - Arms And Legs Are Smaller But I Still Have The Same Size Smile!




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