18 Things to Know Before Trying Online Dating

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It’s now pretty common to look for somebody to date on the Internet. Or to hunt for attractive one-night partners there. Anyway, online dating seems to be the most convenient way to meet people nowadays. Whether you want to have hookups or build serious relationships, you need to prepare yourself for this new undertaking. Here is our quick guide to cyber dating!

18 Things to Know Before Trying Online Dating


1. Realise what you want to get from it. There is a plenty of online dating services designed for different user groups and this will determine your entire strategy.

2. Work with your past traumas prior to searching for a new lover. If you want to find someone just to fill in the gap in your heart, I’d advise you to not do it. For people oriented in commitment, this hardly brings anything good.

3. Pick the right online dating site or app. Some of them are targeted at one-night standers, some at ladies and gentlemen with serious intentions, and some at those who’d like to experience cross-cultural relationships. Moreover, this resource should guarantee your safety from scammers.

4. Find out how to create a successful online dating profile. If you have no idea of how to present yourself, check out the top profiles on your preferred site.

5. Choose your best photos. It is impossible to facilitate your love life without them.

6. Take a photoshoot if needed. Don’t have any recent pictures? Manage to create a nice gallery that would tell others who you are.

7. Don’t lie about your status, qualities, and goals. Find the balance between modesty and bragging. Show what makes you a dating material without sticking to your weak points.

8. Avoid sharing personal details and contact info. Not only because it might be used by online dating scammers to cash in on you but also because there are many freaks on the Internet.

9. Describe yourself in brief. Long profiles never draw attention for a long time. Modern people don’t want to read them – they want to get all the info within a minute.

10. Consider your writing. If you are in searches of a many-sided and intelligent person, make sure your self-description is free of mistakes.

11. Take the initiative. One of the key components of your success is your ability to make the first move. Is there someone you really keen on? Say it! It is way easier to do online than in real life.

12. Start with more matches and then choose who is right for you. You should indeed see how broad the range of choices is. There is no need to get attached to one and only user from the beginning.

13. Don’t communicate because of politeness. You may receive dozens of replies during a day and not all of them will be attractive for you. Start actively chatting to people who really make you excited.

14. Use various means of communication. As a rule, online daters exchange text messages until their very first in-person meeting. This might bring many unpleasant surprises. Hold live video chats, call each other on phone, and send pictures to become aware of what to expect.

15. Weirdoes shouldn’t make you mad. If you become a constant user of online dating services, prepare to meet various types of people including those who you’d like to never meet.

16. Not all your dates will run smooth. Keep this in mind. It’s not always possible to distinguish a dating material from someone who doesn’t match you at all.

17. Don’t raise too intimate topics too early. This goes for sex, bad habits, family problems, money, exes etc. If your communication will grow into dating, you will probably get answers.

18. Expecting too much is wrong. Falling in love with beautiful photos of a person you don’t know is a huge mistake. Wait until your live dates happen and make the conclusion.

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