Moms Are Simply The Funniest Beings Out There! (50 pics)

Posted in FUNNY       8 May 2017       21198       GALLERY VIEW

I Thought I Heard My Mother Talking To Someone Outside My Window

My Mom Put A Christmas Tree Up For The Spider That Built A Web In Her Living Room

We Have Been Putting This Little Chewbacca In The X-Mas Tree For Ages And I Never Really Knew Why... I Just Found Out My Mom Thinks He Is A Gingerbread Man

I Am Lucky To Have A Korean Mother, Otherwise I Would Be So Dirty

There Were Boobs On-Screen, So My Mother Took Action. I Am A 22 Year Old Gay Man

My Mom Didn't Know How To Take A Screenshot So She Improvised With The Scanner

I Sent My Mom This Picture, She Replied, "I Keep Hitting Play, It Doesn't Play Anything"

My Mom Bought Chicks And Sent Me This

Gave Dad A Yoda Ornament Last Year, Here's Where Mom Put It This Year

My Friend's Mom Printed And Framed A Picture From Facebook

I Told My Mom I Was Really Sick Today, An Hour Later She Showed Up At My House With This. I'm 30

Every Single Day I Send My Mom A Very Strange Text And Every Day She Responds With Something Absurdly Optimistic And Kind

My Mom Bought My Boyfriend And I "Back To School" Presents. We're Seniors In College

Mom Knitted Me A Heart-Shaped Bookmark

My Mom Told Me That Our New Power Strip Wasn't Working... Came To Find This

My Mom Just Discovered Snapchat. I've Been Getting These For A Few Days

This Was The Most Recent Photo On My Mom's iPad

My Mother Bought These Throw Pillows

I'm Staying At My Parents Place For The Night. My Mom Prepared The Couch For Me. I'm 27

Pencil Broke During A Road Trip, So I Sarcastically Asked If Anyone Had A Pencil Sharpener, To Which My Mom Replied She "Might" Have One

Mom Got Her First Windowed Oven

Some People Sneak Candy Into The Movie Theater. My Mom Sneaks In Corn On The Cob

My Jewish Mother Gave Me This As A Housewarming Gift

My Mom Bought Mixer From The Internet

Traveling With My Mom. Saw Her Phone, And Investigated. Informed Her That She Used The Screen Protector's Throwaway Film Instead Of The Actual Screen Protector. She Literally Used Trash As A Screen Protector

My Mom Was So Happy That She Found Me A "Pokemon" Cake For My Birthday. I Didn't Want To Burst Her Bubble So I Told Her "I Love Pigachu"

Visiting Mom. She Has The Coolest Mouse Mat

My Mom Saw Nothing Wrong With This Candle

My Mom Walked Into My Room And Asked Why I Had A Box Of Tampons On My Desk. I've Never Noticed The Similarities...

Should I Tell My Mom She's Supposed To Take The iPad Out Of The Box?

So, My Mom Hands Me Her Laptop Asking, "Have You Ever Heard Of The Show, '13 Ones'."

My Mother, Ladies And Gentlemen

Mom Asked Me To Look Up The Price Of A New Ac Adapter For Her Computer

We Own A Family Business. Mom Thought She Bought A Map Of The World For The Conference Room

My Mom Called Me And Asked Me To Come Over And See What Was Wrong With Her New Lamp. "It Won't Plug In," She Said, "It's Like It Needs A Different Style Plug Or Something

So For My Bday My Mom Made Matching Ties For Me And My Cat

My Mother Has Taken Care Of These Plants For Over Five Years. Today She Realized They're Plastic

You Tried, Mom

Mum, That's Not A Picture Of Jesus

How My 54 Year Old Mother Took Her Selfie

Moms And Technology

Thx Mom 4 The Onesie

Mom Never Could Program The VCR

My Mom Cluelessly Bought Me This Shirt, Knowing I Love Wiener Dogs

My Mom Asked Me "Why Did Harry Potter Become So Fat?"

My Mom Be Putting Ordinary Shit Into Other Shit. We Don't Need This For Listerine. I Feel Like I'm In Harry Potter







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