How to Understand That This Is True Love

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How to Understand That This Is True Love

Such different feelings and emotions as fleeting passion, the satisfaction of physical needs, the fear of loneliness, and a habit are disguised as love. Some of these frauds are very confidently settled in our minds for many years, others disappear after a while. This is because no one can give the exact definition of true love. It is also important to know that everyone has an own formula of love and own secrets, but we show you the most obvious signs:

How to Recognize Love

A true feeling is difficult to explain, but you can list a number of obvious signs:

1. You have no doubt. The shots of Cupid is accurate and doesn’t leave the victim any chance of salvation. We fall in love irreversibly: neither relatives, nor circumstances, nor distances, nor natural disasters can prevent this feeling. Even if everyone says that you are not a couple – this can’t raise any doubts about the sincerity and correctness of the feelings. You just clearly see your own future in a year, five, ten years with this person and imagine her as a spouse and mother of your children.

2. You have a great relationship. A loved woman becomes not just the main person in life but also a friend who can support in a difficult situation, in joy, and in sorrow. She wants to discuss any situation, gets your opinion and shares hers.

3. Your relationship develops. Sometimes it can take some time for infatuation turn into a real love. If the initial passions in the relationship subside and the desire to give tenderness and care only grows – it is another sure sign.

4. You like all her traits. When you really love, then you like all or most of the qualities in another person. How many features do you notice in your second half and how many of them do you find attractive? This is important because when the initial enthusiasm after the marriage is over, you will need many common interests to save the marriage and make it successful.

5. You are getting better. When you are in love, you want to grow and develop, become more interesting and attractive. At the same time, true love will not require you to suffer excessive sacrifices and total changes. There shouldn’t be hard work and obligatory for sacrifices in love.

6. You know how to keep silent with each other. If you speak on the phone all night long, then it is an absolute sign of interest to each other. Love stories of different scales begin from such nightly conversations. But sometimes silence means much more. When silence between you doesn’t cause an awkward pause, then a quiet dialogue of two souls begins.

7. You feel comfortable near this person. This woman is your destiny when you feel cozy and comfortable. You feel that she is your life: you want to have children with this woman, have breakfast together, protect and kiss her all the time.

8. You don’t notice how time flies. When you are with your loved one, time flies, hours turn into seconds and disappeared without a trace. You miss so much that want to call and send messages as often as possible.

9. You think not only about yourself. Love is unselfish and devoted. You strive to do everything possible to bring joy to another. You are primarily interested in what you can give without waiting for anything in return.

10. You feel safe. You will feel some sense of reliability near a loved woman. She enters your comfort zone, and warmth and peace allow you to be completely relaxed and calm.

11. You can’t spend time separately. Spend the whole week alone for making sure of each other’s feelings. Don’t call, don’t send messages, and don’t meet. If you feel a great desire to meet and talk about thoughts, feelings, desires, and you feel how she feels your soul – then this is true love!

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